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Make the Right Choice for Your New Home with Jackson EMC

We're excited to welcome our sponsor, Jackson EMC, to the studio to let our listeners in on all the benefits of Jackson EMC membership and the Right Choice™ new home program! Co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick are joined by Nelson McGinnis, Senior Residential Sales Representative with Jackson EMC on today's All About Real Estate edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum[...]

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The Wren’s Nest: Explore Atlanta Literature, Folklore and More

Atlanta history is coming to life on today's Around Atlanta segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio! Melissa Swindell, executive director of the Wren's Nest, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to tell listeners about activities and events at the historic home of Georgia native and writer, Joel Chandler Harris. Joel Chandler Harris, who Georgians and many others know as[...]

Pennington Explains Builder Benefits for Participating in Right Choice

Right Choice New Home Benefits from Jackson EMC

https://youtu.be/5u1Oimfrt8Y In an effort to ensure new home building standards that guarantee homes to be comfortable, easy to maintain and energy-efficient throughout the year, Jackson EMC created the Right Choice program. Right Choice New Homes are built from the ground up by industry leaders and are guaranteed to provide comfort and energy savings to homeowners. For a home to be considered a[...]

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Easy Energy Savings with Jackson EMC

As the largest electric cooperative in Georgia, Jackson EMC understands how important it is for its customers to save both energy and money. The cooperative serves more than 200,000 residential and more than 20,000 commercial and industrial customers, meaning huge potential for energy and money savings – but how do Jackson EMC customers get started in making a conscious effort[...]

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Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy with Jackson EMC

Since its founding in 1938, Jackson EMC has been committed to making homes more comfortable and energy efficient. Today, thanks to technological advances that were not available at the company’s founding, Jackson EMC can provide energy-efficiency help to homeowners from the comfort of their computers. Jackson EMC’s Online Resources for homeowners include DIY Energy Projects, so residents can keep track of[...]

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Valentine’s Day: Sharing the Love with Radio Sponsor Jackson EMC

It's Valentine's Day again, so we're excited to share the love at Atlanta Real Estate Forum! We are proud to bring Atlanta's real estate news to our readers every day, but we couldn't do it without the help of our sponsor! Jackson EMC, sponsor for Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, has been serving Georgia since its founding in 1938. Jackson EMC is[...]

Jackson EMC Right Choice Homes Continue to Grow

Jackson EMC Right Choice Homes Continue to Grow

Jackson EMC’s initiative to make more homes sustainable and energy-efficient is taking the Southeast by storm. The Right Choice™ New Home Program has been implemented in more than 10 million square feet of homes and that number is growing. Right Choice™ homes offer more than comfortable living for its residents. Buyers who choose a Right Choice™ new home can expect sustainability,[...]


Visit Jackson EMC at the 2018 North Atlanta Home Show & Outdoor Living Expo

The 2018 North Atlanta Home Show & Outdoor Living Expo is coming soon! From February 9 to 11 at Gwinnett County’s Infinite Energy Center, attendees can browse hundreds of exhibits and enjoy seminars covering a diverse range of topics, including home energy-efficiency. Jackson EMC will be at the show to answer any questions attendees have about energy-efficient living. Visitors can visit[...]

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Jackson EMC’s goal is to make homes more comfortable and more energy efficient starting with free online resources that help pinpoint initial areas that may need attention in saving home energy. When it comes to improving the overall energy efficiency of a home and making it more comfortable, an assessment on the total performance of the building envelope and the[...]

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Ty Talks: Renewable Energy with Jackson EMC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1eR7fwkSrQ With so many facets of renewable energy available, it is hard to determine which can be best utilized in creating a more energy-efficient home. In this Ty Talks episode presented by Jackson EMC, TV host and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses solar power and how to leverage renewable energy at home. “Having an energy-efficient lifestyle helps ensure that we keep[...]