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As the largest electric cooperative in Georgia, Jackson EMC understands how important it is for its customers to save both energy and money. The cooperative serves more than 200,000 residential and more than 20,000 commercial and industrial customers, meaning huge potential for energy and money savings – but how do Jackson EMC customers get started in making a conscious effort to save energy?

It is simple: head to the web for Jackson EMC’s easy-to-understand energy-saving tips, home energy evaluation and energy bill analysis. The energy-saving tips page covers it all starting with the My Home analysis. In running the My Home analysis on their particular home, Jackson EMC members learn how to save up to*

  • $192 a year by keeping tabs on your home’s programmable thermostat
  • $150 a year by raising your cooling setting and up to $42 a year by lowering your heating setting
  • $65 a year by having your home professionally weatherized
  • $55 a year by switching to ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • $47 a year by replacing old refrigerators and freezers
  • $28 yearly by upgrading your insulation
  • $11 a year by lowering your water heater setting
  • $7 a year by self-weatherizing your home

By applying all of these energy-saving tips together, you could save significantly in annual energy costs. If you want to carefully track how much you are spending on your energy, then visit Jackson EMC’s home energy monitor page to enter your information, which helps Jackson EMC break down your energy bill.*

By entering the location of your home, your home’s size, the number of people living in your home, your insulation type, your heating and cooling system and settings, water heater type, how many appliances you have, the type of lighting you use and whether you have a pool or hot tub. Once you have entered this information, you can then view your bill analysis and see where you are using the most energy and which energy-saving tips would benefit you most.

Saving energy is easier than ever with Jackson EMC. Since its founding in 1938, Jackson EMC has shown its dedication to making homes operate more efficiently and keeping residents comfortable. It’s Right Choice™ New Home program continues to gain recognition for its innovative and effective energy-efficiency methods. Now, ways for homeowners to track their energy usage online give them more control over their homes than ever.

Start saving energy and money today. Visit www.JacksonEMC.comto learn more.

*For sample reference only. Make sure you run your specific home to know your individual savings.