Best ATL Neighborhoods for College Seniors and Recent Grads

Best Atlanta Neighborhoods for College Seniors and Recent Grads

Atlanta is home to many phenomenal educational institutions in and outside the metro area and recently was ranked second by Coworking Cafe's study on the best cities for 2024 college graduates! This study is based on eight metrics including employment opportunities, financial health and lifestyle quality. The 23 coworking spaces per 100K residents pushed the Big Peach to the 1st[...]

looking at property in atlanta through a view finder

Reasons To Invest In Property In Atlanta

One of the many things we have learned over the past year is that property in Atlanta is almost always a good investment. As long as we’re speaking about organic real estate – rather than the mixture of lack of regulation and opportunism that leads to housing bubbles – property retains its value or will eventually rebound. Even in 2020,[...]

Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company in Atlanta

Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company in Atlanta

Moving to a new home or office can be both exciting and stressful. One of the crucial decisions you'll face during this process is choosing the right moving company in Atlanta. With numerous options available, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure a smooth and successful move. Here are some valuable tips to help you make the best choice: 1. Reputation and[...]

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Homeownership is Key to Household Wealth 

Did you know that homeownership unlocks multiple benefits including being a cornerstone to household wealth? The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently published an article explaining how. Homeownership provides a roof over one's head, creates a sellable asset, and offers the opportunity to build wealth through equity.   In 2022, it was estimated that 66% of U.S. households owned their homes.[...]

SRP Lending encourages home builders to construct smaller, high-quality homes

SRP Lending Advocates for Smaller, Quality Homes

In response to evolving homebuyer preferences, SRP Lending encourages home builders to construct smaller, high-quality homes. Recognizing a significant shift in the housing market, SRP Lending sees an opportunity for home builders to create residences that align with the desires of first-time buyers and the 55+ demographic, who increasingly favor 1,800 square feet or smaller homes. The National Association of Home[...]

Home Insurance Riders: When Does Extra Coverage Make Sense?

Navigating Home Insurance Riders: When Does Extra Coverage Make Sense?

Home insurance can be complicated to understand. One key aspect to consider is adding a rider to your insurance policy. These policies are extra coverage that can be added to your regular policy and are very useful in certain situations. Let’s take a closer look at what homeowners insurance riders are, what they cover, and when you might need them[...]

Harcrest Homes exterior with stacked stone, blue shutters and wooden porch columns for new year

5 Reasons to Unlock Custom Luxury in 2024 with Harcrest Homes

Embark on the exciting journey of a new year with Harcrest Homes, an experienced custom home builder nestled in Flowery Branch. The custom home builder is here to help you kickstart the year by assisting you in achieving your ultimate resolution: owning a beautiful tailor-made home by the lake. Harcrest Homes understands the importance of starting the new year on a positive note[...]

Housing Market Opportunities for Gen Z

Housing Market Opportunities for Gen Z

Amidst the evolving dynamics of the real estate market, SRP Lending identifies significant housing market opportunities for Gen Z homebuyers, particularly in smaller cities with sustainable living spaces. This emerging group of young adults, known for their eco-conscious and digital-first approach, is reshaping the housing market landscape. As they enter the realm of homeownership, their preferences are distinct – leaning toward[...]

construction financing

Accelerated Demand for Quick Home Construction Financing

As the housing market heats up, home builders are feeling the pressure to expedite projects. This urgency to meet growing demand has spotlighted the role of agile private lenders, such as SRP Lending, who can offer rapid loan approval turnarounds for construction financing. Traditional banks, with their layered processes and stringent criteria, often can't keep pace with the current market dynamics.[...]