Home Insurance Riders: When Does Extra Coverage Make Sense?

Navigating Home Insurance Riders: When Does Extra Coverage Make Sense?

Home insurance can be complicated to understand. One key aspect to consider is adding a rider to your insurance policy. These policies are extra coverage that can be added to your regular policy and are very useful in certain situations. Let’s take a closer look at what homeowners insurance riders are, what they cover, and when you might need them[...]

Harcrest Homes exterior with stacked stone, blue shutters and wooden porch columns for new year

5 Reasons to Unlock Custom Luxury in 2024 with Harcrest Homes

Embark on the exciting journey of a new year with Harcrest Homes, an experienced custom home builder nestled in Flowery Branch. The custom home builder is here to help you kickstart the year by assisting you in achieving your ultimate resolution: owning a beautiful tailor-made home by the lake. Harcrest Homes understands the importance of starting the new year on a positive note[...]

Housing Market Opportunities for Gen Z

Housing Market Opportunities for Gen Z

Amidst the evolving dynamics of the real estate market, SRP Lending identifies significant housing market opportunities for Gen Z homebuyers, particularly in smaller cities with sustainable living spaces. This emerging group of young adults, known for their eco-conscious and digital-first approach, is reshaping the housing market landscape. As they enter the realm of homeownership, their preferences are distinct – leaning toward[...]

construction financing

Accelerated Demand for Quick Home Construction Financing

As the housing market heats up, home builders are feeling the pressure to expedite projects. This urgency to meet growing demand has spotlighted the role of agile private lenders, such as SRP Lending, who can offer rapid loan approval turnarounds for construction financing. Traditional banks, with their layered processes and stringent criteria, often can't keep pace with the current market dynamics.[...]

AREF Millennial Homebuyers

Millennial Homebuyers Are on the Rise

As the largest generation in the country, Millennials are taking the homeownership world by storm. According to RentCafe, the number of Millennials who own a home has significantly increased within the last five years. With 52% of Millennials owning a home, the generation is no longer a renter-majority demographic. Millennial homeownership reached 18.2 million in 2022, making Gen Y the second fastest-growing[...]

Best ATL Neighborhoods for College Seniors and Recent Grads

Best Atlanta Neighborhoods for College Seniors and Recent Grads

Home to many phenomenal educational institutions in and outside the metro area, Atlanta boasts fantastic neighborhoods for students wishing to remain Intown. A hot housing market mixed with a renowned culture and bustling economy, the capital of the Peach State attracts students and graduates from across the world. But entering the Atlanta homebuying and renting market can be overwhelming, especially[...]

Harcrest Homes Custom Home

Plan Your Dream Residence with Harcrest Homes

Are you ready to start planning your dream custom home but need help figuring out where to start? Award-winning builder Harcrest Homes is here to assist you every step of the way, whether selecting the perfect spot for your future home or ensuring the residence encompasses all your preferences while staying within budget. The Harcrest Homes team shared a few fantastic[...]

Is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy in the Atlanta Market?

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Rent in the Atlanta Market?

Following a year of rising costs and interest rates, the housing market is starting to make an upward turn. With housing prices stabilizing and average wages slowly rising, homeownership is slightly more affordable than renting in some of the largest cities in the United States. According to the first-quarter 2023 U.S. Home Affordability Report released by ATTOM, a leading curator of land,[...]