Design2Sell Raising the Value of Atlanta’s Homes

To help homeowners sell their current homes and move to their new homes quicker and with less stress, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick invited back All About Real Estate veteran, Barbara Heil-Sonneck, owner of Design2Sell. Today's episode of All About Real Estate features Heil-Sonneck telling listeners how her company stages homes to sell them quicker and for a higher[...]

tiny home community

“Simplify Together” at the Largest Tiny Home Community in the Southeast

Eagle Ridge Buildings, an Ellijay builder whose specialty has historically been storage sheds, garages, steel barns, gazebos, greenhouses, playgrounds and commercial outdoor buildings, is on a mission to create the largest tiny home community in the Southeast that will help people enjoy living less cluttered and more meaningful lifestyles while making the transition to tiny home living easier. Tiny homes are[...]


How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing and What to Do If They Freeze

Throughout the Southeast, we may not frequently be in danger of blizzards, but the temperatures can often drop below freezing, and this can damage the pipes if they aren't properly taken care of. As we approach cooler temperatures, here are some home maintenance tips to save your money and your home from expensive repair projects. Keep your pipes from freezing by[...]

smart home

Lennar Atlanta Sets the Standard for 2018’s Smart Home

The last couple of years have brought unparalleled technological innovation and ways to incorporate new technology into our lives and 2018 will be no different. Leading the charge for more technology-filled homes is Lennar Homes, the first builder in the world to feature Wi-Fi CERTFIED™ home designs. Holly Yaeger, area sales manager with Lennar Atlanta, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and[...]

millennial pink

Sherwin-Williams: Decorating with “New Neutral” Millennial Pink

Millennial pink. It's all over social media, in magazines and in stores. It was even the focus of a Target holiday advertising campaign. But is this pink that apparently has the millennial generation obsessed just for clothing and accessories, or is it possible that the shade can be used to attract millennial home buyers, who are changing the expectations of first-time[...]

the interior partners

The Interior Partners: Home Décor in 2018

New year, new home decoration trends! To kick off 2018's All About Real Estate segments, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick sit down with Cindi MacPherson, Partner at The Interior Partners, to give listeners an idea about what interior design trends to expect in 2018. The Interior Partners specializes in model home merchandising, sales centers and clubhouses for builders throughout the[...]

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Jackson EMC’s goal is to make homes more comfortable and more energy efficient starting with free online resources that help pinpoint initial areas that may need attention in saving home energy. When it comes to improving the overall energy efficiency of a home and making it more comfortable, an assessment on the total performance of the building envelope and the[...]


Ty Talks: Renewable Energy with Jackson EMC With so many facets of renewable energy available, it is hard to determine which can be best utilized in creating a more energy-efficient home. In this Ty Talks episode presented by Jackson EMC, TV host and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses solar power and how to leverage renewable energy at home. “Having an energy-efficient lifestyle helps ensure that we keep[...]

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Ty Talks: Smart Thermostats Are Smart Choice for Home

Energy-efficient technologies continue to develop and improve – including smart thermostats! In this Ty Talks episode, Jackson EMC spokesperson and home energy expert Ty Pennington explains his take on home thermostats and how they are getting smarter. When it comes to becoming more energy efficient at home, it is most important to assess all aspects of the heating and air system[...]


Ty Talks: Smart Water Heaters Water heaters are a necessary unit in any home, but what if the water heater is using more energy than it should and driving up utility costs? In this Ty Talks episode, Ty Pennington explains the need for an energy-efficient water heater and what impact switching will have for both the home and budget. According to Ty, the water heater is[...]