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Harcrest Homes, an experienced and award-winning custom home builder located in Flowery Branch, is ready to start off the New Year helping potential new homeowners with the ultimate New Year’s resolution: a brand-new, custom-built home on the lake. The experts at Harcrest Homes understand the importance of starting off the New Year on the right foot, as well as the many benefits of creating a custom-built home from the ground up. Take a look at the top five reasons why building a custom new Harcrest home is the best New Year’s resolution:

  1. Take on the project with a dedicated experienced team

Deciding to build a new home from the ground up is an exciting process, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the decisions that go into building a home. At Harcrest Homes, a team of caring professionals is ready to step in and help guide the process whenever necessary. From providing architects and designers to explaining technical processes and going over budgets, Harcrest Homes is ready to make the new home building process as seamless as possible!

  1. A completely personalized home building experience.

The best part about choosing to build custom is the millions of options to personalize the home with interior finishes that suit your taste. Harcrest homes has almost 20 unique floor plans options to choose start from. Potential new homeowners have the option to choose from an existing model, customize a model to better suit their needs or start completely from scratch! No matter what, each Harcrest home is one-of-a-kind and tailored towards each happy homeowner.

  1. A stress-free home building process from start to finish

Buying a new home is a stressful process, but Harcrest Homes does everything necessary to keep the stress to a minimum. By offering an open and transparent communication process from the initial budget meeting and planning stages to the finishing touches. Never worry about the build getting prolonged well past the scheduled end date or surprise costs that pile up towards the end. Harcrest Homes is determined to keep the entire custom home building process as fun, relaxed and exciting as possible.

  1. Unparalleled metro Atlanta location

Harcrest Homes specializes in building luxury custom homes on Lake Lanier. This means its dedicated team knows exactly how to scout out and find the perfect piece of land for your dream home. Get ready to spend summers boating on the lake, long walks along the shore and endless water fun. Also enjoy the best entertainment, shopping and dining experiences Flowery Branch has to offer while only being a quick drive from Atlanta.

  1. A one-of-a-kind experience to last a lifetime

The goal at Harcrest Homes is to build a custom home to spend a lifetime in. When choosing to build a brand-new custom home, the fun never ends! From deciding on the perfect floor plan, finishes, paint colors, custom features and more, the one-of-a-kind experience of choosing each and every detail that goes into your dream home is unparalleled. Plus, spending a lifetime enjoying all the carefully thought-out decisions is unbeatable!

To learn more about how Harcrest Homes can help create a brand-new custom home on the lake for the new year, visit or call 678-828-7151 and get started today.

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