Harcrest Homes exterior with stacked stone, blue shutters and wooden porch columns for new year

Embark on the exciting journey of a new year with Harcrest Homes, an experienced custom home builder nestled in Flowery Branch. The custom home builder is here to help you kickstart the year by assisting you in achieving your ultimate resolution: owning a beautiful tailor-made home by the lake.

Harcrest Homes understands the importance of starting the new year on a positive note and is ready to guide you through the process of crafting your dream home from scratch.

Here are the top five reasons why making a custom Harcrest home is the perfect New Year’s resolution:

1. Guidance from a Dedicated, Experienced Team

Building a home from the ground up can be exhilarating but overwhelming. At Harcrest Homes, the committed professionals are here to make the process seamless. Whether you need architects, designers, explanations of technicalities, or budget management, Harcrest Homes has you covered. The builder aims to ensure a worry-free experience as you embark on this exciting journey.

Harcrest Homes white kitchen with large kitchen island for new year

2. A Fully Personalized Home Building Journey

The beauty of choosing a custom build lies in the countless options to personalize your home with interior finishes that match your preferences. With nearly 20 unique floor plans, you can choose from existing models, customize them or start entirely from scratch. Each Harcrest home is distinct and tailored to meet your unique desires.

3.  Stress-Free Building Process from Start to Finish

Purchasing a new home can be stressful, but the team goes the extra mile to minimize stress at Harcrest Homes. Through open and transparent communication, from initial budget discussions and planning stages to the final touches, the Harcrest Homes team ensures a worry-free process. No fear of delays or unexpected costs – the custom builder is committed to keeping the custom homebuilding process enjoyable and relaxed.

Harcrest Homes owners bathroom with large tub, large window and double vanity for new year

4. Unrivaled Location in Metro Atlanta

Specializing in luxury custom homes on Lake Lanier, Harcrest Homes ensures a prime location for your dream home. The dedicated team excels in finding the perfect piece of land. Enjoy summers by the lake, scenic walks along the shore and a variety of water activities. Additionally, relish the finest entertainment, shopping and dining experiences in Flowery Branch, all while being just a short drive from Atlanta.

A Unique Experience for a Lifetime

The goal of every Harcrest Homes project is to craft a home that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. The excitement of selecting the ideal floor plan, finishes, paint colors and custom features creates an unparalleled experience. The joy continues as you spend a lifetime savoring each carefully thought-out decision, making the journey of building a Harcrest home incomparable.

Ready to explore how Harcrest Homes can help you create a bespoke home by the lake for the new year? Visit www.HarcrestHomes.com or call 678-828-7151 to get started today.

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