Pennington Explains Builder Benefits for Participating in Right Choice

In an effort to ensure new home building standards that guarantee homes to be comfortable, easy to maintain and energy-efficient throughout the year, Jackson EMC created the Right Choice program. Right Choice New Homes are built from the ground up by industry leaders and are guaranteed to provide comfort and energy savings to homeowners.

For a home to be considered a Right Choice home, it must meet stringent criteria set by Jackson EMC for energy-efficient construction beginning with the initial home plan design and continuing throughout the building process. This team approach includes the builder, the HVAC and insulation contractors and Jackson EMC Right Choice technicians to ensure that every phase of construction includes measures that increase energy efficiency in the home.

“A lot of what goes into making a Right Choice home so energy efficient is what you don’t see once the interior finish is complete,” explains TV Host and Home Expert Ty Pennington. “We call it ‘behind-the-wall construction detail.’”

Contractors go the extra mile to minimize air leakage in floors, exterior walls, ceilings and they even pressure test the ductwork to check for leaks! Before a home becomes a Right Choice home, it must pass a series of inspections and system tests for the whole house. Then, and only then, will it get the Right Choice certification.

Jackson EMC is so confident in the energy efficiency of Right Choice homes that they come with two warranties. First, a three-year Energy Usage Warranty that guarantees heating and cooling costs will not exceed the predicted amount.* Second, a one-year Comfort Guarantee that each room will stay within three degrees of the thermostat setting for that zone. As an added bonus, because of all the testing done during and after construction, every Right Choice home qualifies for Jackson EMC’s lowest residential rate to save an average of 5 percent on energy costs.

Right Choice homes represent the epitome of energy efficiency in new-home construction, and they are right here, right now. Watch the video above to learn more.

* Ask your Jackson EMC representative for complete warranty terms and conditions.