Jackson EMC Right Choice Homes Continue to Grow

Jackson EMC’s initiative to make more homes sustainable and energy-efficient is taking the Southeast by storm. The Right Choice™ New Home Program has been implemented in more than 10 million square feet of homes and that number is growing.

Right Choice™ homes offer more than comfortable living for its residents. Buyers who choose a Right Choice™ new home can expect sustainability, energy-efficiency, better indoor air quality and convenience and comfort as a bonus. Jackson EMC’s ability to guarantee energy usage for heating and cooling costs, comfort, a low energy advantage rate and energy-efficient construction ensures that the home, from its core, promises to be a cost-effective option for a home buyer’s biggest investment.Jackson EMC Right Choice Homes Continue to Grow

The homes are built to be energy-efficient from the ground up. Builders meet with Jackson EMC to enroll in the Right Choice™ New Home Program when they plan their communities. After the enrollment meeting, the builder submits its floor plans to be evaluated by a Georgia-certified mechanical engineer with Errors and Omissions insurance. The independent mechanical engineering partner calculates the heating and cooling load based on ASHRAE Fundamentals and prepares the ResCheck, Georgia Energy Code Compliance Certificate for each plan.

Jackson EMC and energy field technicians also visit the first home for each floor plan to review the energy efficient construction requirements and to design the duct layout with the builder and subcontractors, then energy technicians conduct a pre-insulation inspection to ensure everything is meeting the design specs. Finally, energy field technicians conduct a final inspection after the installation of the HVAC system and before the home closes.

Not only do the homes offer all these essential energy-efficiency options verified with home performance testing, but homes under the Right Choice™ New Home Program also come with a warranty to ensure that the home is performing to design standards. Jackson EMC’s Right Choice™ warranty covers energy and comfort guarantees. The energy usage warranty for heating and cooling is valid for 3 years and states that the energy that heats and cools the home will be below a certain Kilowatt hour (kWh) amount annually. The comfort warranty is valid for 1 year and states that “the temperature in the middle of every room must stay within 3 degrees of the temperature setting at the thermostat location for that zone.” Any buyers with questions regarding their warranty or claims can contact their Right Choice™ Customer Relationship Manager.

Right Choice™ new homes are now available through Jackson EMC. More and more builders and residents are choosing to construct homes to meet these energy standards. The program has expanded to approximately 5,600 homes.  The warranty claim rate remains low, proving that Right Choice™ customers are happy with their homes’ performance.

Builders interested in developing a Right Choice™ community or home buyers looking for a comfortable and cost-effective home, email ResidentialMemberServices@JacksonEMC.com for more information.