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Since its founding in 1938, Jackson EMC has been committed to making homes more comfortable and energy efficient. Today, thanks to technological advances that were not available at the company’s founding, Jackson EMC can provide energy-efficiency help to homeowners from the comfort of their computers.

Jackson EMC’s Online Resources for homeowners include DIY Energy Projects, so residents can keep track of the state of their home’s energy usage. DIY Energy Projects highlight several videos detailing how to inspect water heaters for leaks, measure blown-in insulation for sufficiency and even everyday habits of using shower and laundry water or types of light bulbs. Hosted by television host and home expert Ty Pennington, Jackson EMC’s DIY Energy Projects offer a series of four topics, each featuring several energy- and money-saving tasks homeowners can do without calling in expensive outside help.

Water Heater Tips is all about reducing the cost of heating water in a safe and inexpensive way. Thermal Envelope tells homeowners how to keep the warm air inside their homes during the winter and the cool air inside their homes during the summer. HVAC Tips gives several pieces of advice on maintaining a healthy heating and cooling system. Finally, Energy Usage Tips takes homeowners through several ways to save money and energy through everyday habits, like using the right light bulb to saving hot water.

For step-by-step instructions and ideas, visit to learn more about how to ensure that the water heater, HVAC, insulation, ventilation and lights are functioning properly and saving energy without having to call a contractor for every consultation. To learn more about having an energy-efficient home or to join the largest electric cooperative in the Southeast, visit