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With so many facets of renewable energy available, it is hard to determine which can be best utilized in creating a more energy-efficient home. In this Ty Talks episode presented by Jackson EMC, TV host and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses solar power and how to leverage renewable energy at home.

“Having an energy-efficient lifestyle helps ensure that we keep more resources on our planet longer,” explains Ty. “When it comes to using renewable energy in homes, the most common approach is the use of solar.”

Installing solar panels is just a piece of the puzzle in a home’s energy use. Without already having made basic energy-efficient changes, such as energy efficient appliances or ensuring that the home’s thermal envelope is “good and tight,” then solar panels will not be able to provide its maximum in potential savings.

Before considering installing solar panels, factor in the age of the roof.  Installing solar panels on an aged or actively aging roof would simply be a waste of money. Additionally, the home’s access to the sun is a driving factor in whether installing solar panels would be a sound investment.

Lastly, compare the cost to install solar panels to the savings. Installing solar panels is currently a rather pricey venture for a home. Costs include not only the installation of the panels but also the power storage needed for the energy being captured from the sun.

According to Ty, the personal investment for many of us just doesn’t produce enough energy savings to pay back the cost of the panels, but there is a way to start leveraging renewable energy at home today without the expense of doing it yourself.

Jackson EMC is a leader in Georgia when it comes to green energy. From water to biomass to landfill gas to solar itself, Jackson EMC is generating power for its homes with renewable energy right now within a solar panel field in Barrow County. By the time Jackson EMC has its three solar projects fully operational it will be supplying nearly 17 million kilowatts of solar energy, enough to power nearly 1,100 homes.

Signing up for green power with Jackson EMC not only makes an impact on your home’s energy but also on the environment. By the year 2050, experts predict that 95 percent of energy being used will be from renewable energy, and Jackson EMC is leading the pack!

Get started on your path toward an energy-efficient home by contacting Jackson EMC at 770-822-3211 to schedule a Home Energy Evaluation.