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    If you are a builder, Realtor, developer or lender who wants to take your knowledge of the housing market to the next level, be sure to follow MarketNsight on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As a result of decades of research, housing economy expert and MarketNsight principal, John Hunt, provides excellent data and insights that can help housing industry professionals make the best decisions for their business.

    housing economyMarketNsight is a data firm that specializes in analyzing new and resale home sales across 15 Southeastern markets, including Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham and Huntsville. The firm is particularly equipped to give home builders, community developers and other housing industry professionals the best and most up-to-date market information available. MarketNsight’s clients and customers are able to make better decisions for their homes and communities across all demographics to maximize their efforts and know where to spend their budgets.

    Hunt has been collecting and analyzing real estate data since the 1990s and has an impressive track record of accurately predicting housing economy patterns, including the 2008 downturn. Visit www.MarketNsight.com/About to learn more about his successes.

    By connecting with MarketNsight on its social media channels, you can gain access to Hunt’s speaking engagements such as his wildly popular MarketWatch conferences held across the Southeast. Whether you are in Savannah, Birmingham, Augusta or Atlanta, you can catch Hunt sharing his industry knowledge and expertise at local events all year.

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