MarketNSight presents pendings and resalesMarketNSight presents pendings and resales

Is There a Resale Bubble or is the Market Back to Normal?

Wondering if there is a resale bubble? Or perhaps the Atlanta housing market is back to normal? MarketNSight recently presented at the in-person Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Board of Directors meeting. At the event, the firm compared Atlanta's pendings for new and resale from March through April 21, 2021, to the same period the year before. Since March through[...]

map of Southeastern United States to show MarketNsight's new service areas

MarketNsight Now Serving 35+ Cities Across Southeast

Housing analysis firm MarketNsight recently added six new markets across five states to its service area in the Southeast. Customers across more than 35 cities can now access the latest housing, pricing, product and location data through the Feasibility Matrix® program, exclusive to MarketNsight. Additionally, Atlanta customers can access mortgage data through the firm’s new Mortgage Matrix® program. As MarketNsight continues[...]

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MarketNsight Releases First Atlanta Housing Report for 2021

MarketNsight recently released its first housing report regarding 2021 Atlanta housing year-to-date. Data shows the roles of closings and pendings reversed with closings dropping first following by pendings, but record-breaking permits continued into January 2021 with the highest seen since January 2007, suggesting that new supply is coming. “We have seen sharp moderation for both new and resale beginning in the[...]

MarketNsight Reports Buyers Not Fleeing Southern Cities for Suburbs

MarketNsight Reports Homebuyers Not Fleeing Southern Cities for Suburbs

MarketNsight numbers for 2020 and 2021 to-date show homebuyers are not fleeing southern cities for suburbs, and all areas are selling more homes today. The suburban shift has been going on since 2014, according to MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt. Buyers and home builders have been moving and building farther out due to increasing land prices for years. Atlanta began[...]

MarketNsight Atlanta Housing

MarketNsight Wraps 2020, Makes 2021 Predictions for Atlanta Housing

MarketNsight recently released the final 2020 numbers for Atlanta housing in addition to making 2021 predictions. Data shows that for all 2020, Atlanta new home pending sales were up 22% and 2020 new home closings were up 6% over the previous year. It is interesting to note the relationship between pending sales in Atlanta housing and COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases in Georgia.[...]

MarketNsight Predicts Permits Up 10% in 2021

MarketNsight Predicts Permits Up 10% in 2021

MarketNsight hosted its bi-annual December MarketWatch Atlanta event virtually this week, releasing November numbers for the Southeast, giving a state of the market and offering predictions for 2021. MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt, joined by Chief Economist and Director of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University Dr. Rajeev Dhawan, made note of the unprecedented year housing has[...]

Join MarketNsight for Second Virtual MarketWatch Atlanta

Join MarketNsight for Second Virtual MarketWatch Atlanta

MarketNsight is excited to announce its second-ever virtual MarketWatch Atlanta coming up on Thursday, December 8, 2020, at 10 a.m. Dr. Rajeev Dhawan of Georgia State’s Economic Forecasting Center will join housing economy expert John Hunt of MarketNsight and ViaSearch to discuss the election and pandemic’s effect on housing and the Atlanta economy. Discussion will also include the future of[...]

MarketNsight Atlanta Pending Sales

MarketNsight Reports Atlanta Pending Sales Up YTY 19%

MarketNsight reports 2020 Atlanta new pending home sales are up 19% over 2019 sales through August of this year. Monthly year-to-year increases over 2019 were 28% in May, 31% in June, 38% in July and 42% in August. “As we have mentioned before, the double-digit increases for housing demand started in May of last year, months before the pandemic,” MarketNsight and[...]