New American Funding

New American Funding CEO Rick Arvielo Discusses Underserved Markets

New American Funding CEO Rick Arvielo is today’s guest on the All About Atlanta Real Estate segment of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast. Hosted by Carol Morgan and Todd Schick, take a listen to learn more about New American Funding’s leadership style and company culture. New American Funding is a top national mortgage provider dedicated to serving underrepresented[...]

Atlanta Real Estate Market

How To Navigate Atlanta’s Real Estate Market

Take advantage of Atlanta’s booming real estate market by first understanding how to navigate it. The confusing lingo, statistics and sometimes ominous forecasts often leave potential homebuyers thinking they are unable to benefit in the current market. Words to know Real estate market: Another word for the housing market, the real estate market represents the market of active properties buyers or[...]

MarketNSight presents pendings and resalesMarketNSight presents pendings and resales

Is There a Resale Bubble or is the Market Back to Normal?

Wondering if there is a resale bubble? Or perhaps the Atlanta housing market is back to normal? MarketNSight recently presented at the in-person Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Board of Directors meeting. At the event, the firm compared Atlanta's pendings for new and resale from March through April 21, 2021, to the same period the year before. Since March through[...]

MarketNsight Atlanta Pending Sales

MarketNsight Reports Atlanta Pending Sales Up YTY 19%

MarketNsight reports 2020 Atlanta new pending home sales are up 19% over 2019 sales through August of this year. Monthly year-to-year increases over 2019 were 28% in May, 31% in June, 38% in July and 42% in August. “As we have mentioned before, the double-digit increases for housing demand started in May of last year, months before the pandemic,” MarketNsight and[...]

New Home Sales Surge Across Southeast Despite COVID-19

MarketNsight Reports Despite COVID-19, New Home Sales Surge Across Southeast

MarketNsight reports May and June pending new home sales were up 30% over 2019 sales and, so far, July is averaging more than 30% over last year. Even as COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases continue to rise, homebuyers are buying in unprecedented numbers. According to MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt, Atlanta's new home pending sales are up 13% over last year. MarketNsight[...]

MarketNsight Permits Up

MarketNsight Reports Atlanta Pending Home Sales Continue to Surpass June Records

MarketNsight reports June new Atlanta pending home sales continue to exceed 2019 sales, even as COVID-19 (coronavirus) Georgia cases continue to increase. According to MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt, week three of June 2020 was up 31% year-to-year with a lag and will be up 43% year to year when the lag is accounted for. The first three weeks of[...]

MarketNsight New Pending Sales Up

MarketNsight Reports New Pending Home Sales Up 20% First Week of June

MarketNsight recently hosted its June MarketWatch Atlanta event virtually on ZOOM giving a state of the market and predictions for the remainder of the year. Over 800 signed up for the event. MarketNsight and ViaSearch President John Hunt reiterated the current unprecedented times and that it is difficult to forecast exactly what might happen the rest of the year; however,[...]

MarketNsight Reveals New Pending Sales Up 18% Over Last Year

MarketNsight Reveals New Pending Sales Up 18% Over Last Year

MarketNsight is cautiously releasing data showing that new pending sales in the first half of May 2020 are up 18% over the same period the year before. “We are all learning through this,” MarketNsight Principal John Hunt said. “Perhaps the biggest lesson is that you can actually sell new homes in the middle of a pandemic.” “We reported last week that after[...]

MarketNsight Announces May 2020 Sales Up Over Last May

MarketNsight Announces May 2020 Sales Up Over Last May

MarketNsight is pleased to announce that May 2020 pending new home sales are up 10% over May 2019 pending sales for the first week of the month. According to MarketNsight Principal John Hunt, pent-up demand is causing pending sales to increase year-over-year (YOY). “We are in uncharted territory, and we really have been since the great recession,” Hunt said. “With all[...]