MarketNsight Update: Buyers are Signing Contracts at 80% of Last Year’s Pace Even with interest rates above 6%

MarketNsight Update: Buyers Signing Contracts at 80% of Last Year’s Pace

Contrary to many recent headlines, the housing market remains active and dynamic, according to new data from MarketNsight. Despite a perceptible decrease in demand, the industry research leader reports that home sales continue at a robust 80% of last year's pace, with buyers signing contracts, even with interest rates exceeding 6%. “Increases in the market share of new homes continue to[...]

New Home Market Share Up 89% Year Over Year in March 2023

MarketNsight Reports New Home Market Share Up 89% YoY

MarketNsight, a leading provider of real estate data and analysis, announces that new home market share in March 2023 was up 89% year over year. According to John Hunt, Principal and Chief Analyst at MarketNsight, new home market share growth can be attributed to several factors, including elevated interest rates and a lack of resale inventory. "Not surprisingly, new home market[...]

MNS Market Update

MarketNsight Update: Home Builder Stocks Surge, Jobs Added

MarketNsight announces its latest real estate market update, showcasing the industry’s most recent trends and data. The real estate market has seen a significant improvement since November 2022. The Federal Reserve's decision to slow down the pace of interest rate hikes to 0.25% has played a crucial role in motivating buyers and calming anxiety across the industry. Additionally, the release[...]

What’s Driving Build-to-Rent? Wall Street or Main Street

What’s Driving Build-to-Rent? Wall Street or Main Street

Build-to-Rent (BTR) continues to make headlines. NIMBYs (Not in My Backyard) hate it. Investors and renters love it. But why the trend, and what's driving it? St. Bourke, an Atlanta-based asset management and property development company, takes a deeper dive into the driving force behind single-family BTR. Is it Wall Street or Main Street? Build-to-Rent single-family homes is a trend that[...]

draft plan with word approved stamped on it depictingStonecrest Development Site plan Approved

Parkland Communities Stonecrest Development Receives Site Plan Approval

Parkland Communities Inc., a privately-owned, multifaceted real estate development and investment firm in Atlanta, announces site plan approval for new Stonecrest development comprised of 388 lots in the City of Stonecrest located on Hayden Quarry Road at Turner Hill Road. “This 388-home community is intended for missing middle housing,” Parkland Communities President Jim Jacobi said. “It is situated perfectly near I-20 for[...]

MarketNSight presents pendings and resalesMarketNSight presents pendings and resales

Is There a Resale Bubble or is the Market Back to Normal?

Wondering if there is a resale bubble? Or perhaps the Atlanta housing market is back to normal? MarketNSight recently presented at the in-person Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Board of Directors meeting. At the event, the firm compared Atlanta's pendings for new and resale from March through April 21, 2021, to the same period the year before. Since March through[...]