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Lack of Housing Inventory Puts Upward Pressure on Price, Notes MarketNsight

MarketNsight, a leading real estate data and analysis provider, reports that home prices continue to increase due to heavily constrained inventory for new and resale homes. “We will continue to see upward pressure on prices in 2024,” said John Hunt, Principal and Chief Analyst at MarketNsight. “Inventory is still 45% below pre-COVID levels. We need an additional 46,000 units annually in[...]

MarketNsight’s MarketWatch

MarketNsight’s MarketWatch: December 14

MarketNsight’s MarketWatch MarketNsight presents the current state of the Atlanta housing market and predictions for 2024 WHAT: From interest rates nearing 8% to resale inventory at a record low, there is an opening for new construction to fill the massive inventory gap. Find out more at MarketNsight’s MarketWatch on Thursday, December 14, 2023. John Hunt with MarketNsight and Dr. Rajeev Dhawan with the[...]

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Pending Sales Hold Steady Despite Sustained Rates Above 7%

MarketNsight, a leading real estate data and analysis provider, reports that even after six weeks in a row with 30-year fixed mortgage rates higher than 7%, pending sales are performing better than in the fall of 2022. “Home buyers have become accustomed to higher rates, and the market continues to be driven by the lack of housing supply,” said John Hunt,[...]

MarketNsight Reveals Decrease in July Pending Sales

MarketNsight Reveals 18% Decrease in Pending Sales Year to Year

Bright Spot: New home pending sales are up 48% year over year since February MarketNsight, a leading real estate data and analysis provider, reports that pending sales in July were down 18% year to year – showing no significant change from the 19% decrease revealed in its January 2023 update. Unless interest rates drop significantly in the next few months, pending[...]

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MarketNsight Reports First Significant 2023 Price Increase

MarketNsight, a leading real estate data and analysis provider, reports that June’s collapse in housing inventory ushered in 2023’s first significant price increase. In late June, total inventory turned negative year over year for the first time in 13 months. Two weeks later, the effect of this drop in inventory was reflected in prices. Prices in July 2023 were up 6%[...]

MarketNsight Update: Buyers are Signing Contracts at 80% of Last Year’s Pace Even with interest rates above 6%

MarketNsight Update: Buyers Signing Contracts at 80% of Last Year’s Pace

Contrary to many recent headlines, the housing market remains active and dynamic, according to new data from MarketNsight. Despite a perceptible decrease in demand, the industry research leader reports that home sales continue at a robust 80% of last year's pace, with buyers signing contracts, even with interest rates exceeding 6%. “Increases in the market share of new homes continue to[...]

New Home Market Share Up 89% Year Over Year in March 2023

MarketNsight Reports New Home Market Share Up 89% YoY

MarketNsight, a leading provider of real estate data and analysis, announces that new home market share in March 2023 was up 89% year over year. According to John Hunt, Principal and Chief Analyst at MarketNsight, new home market share growth can be attributed to several factors, including elevated interest rates and a lack of resale inventory. "Not surprisingly, new home market[...]

MNS Market Update

MarketNsight Update: Home Builder Stocks Surge, Jobs Added

MarketNsight announces its latest real estate market update, showcasing the industry’s most recent trends and data. The real estate market has seen a significant improvement since November 2022. The Federal Reserve's decision to slow down the pace of interest rate hikes to 0.25% has played a crucial role in motivating buyers and calming anxiety across the industry. Additionally, the release[...]