Ty Pennington Smart Thermostat

A few years ago, smart thermostats were changing the market. The hype has seemed to calm down in 2018, but the demand is greater than ever. With our busy lifestyles, we are constantly looking for convenience. Smart thermostats now offer the ultimate convenience by doing the decision making for you by adjusting throughout the day to match your individual schedule and save you energy and money.

Two popular smart thermostats, Ecobee and Nest, have spent the last few years updating and upgrading their products. Just this year, Nest introduced its new “Hello” doorbell and Ecobee introduced its new Alexa-integrated light switch. What does this mean for smart thermostats? It means that the biggest names in smart thermostats now offer their products in bundles.

What makes smart thermostats worth the time, money and effort are that they learn from individual behaviors and allow users to control the home thermostat setting remotely.   The heating and cooling system within a home is one of the largest users of energy. Replacing a traditional thermostat with a smart device can save money while maintaining comfort.

At Jackson EMC, we want to help you save money on your power bill. By investing in a smart thermostat, users can learn to lower their home’s heating and cooling cost every month, up to an estimated 10 percent a year! For maximum savings, Jackson EMC recommends setting the thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer.  Lower settings will increase operating costs approximately 5 percent for every degree below 78 degrees.  If you are going to be away from home, set your thermostat even higher.

Now is the best time to invest in smart thermostats due to the improved features and rebates. Energy-efficient living means doing more while consuming less. For more energy saving tips check out visit JacksonEMC.com or subscribe to the Jackson EMC YouTube channel.

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