Right Choice Homes: Right Choice for You

Right Choice Homes: Right Choice for You

Spring is finally here and learning more about the Right Choice home program will certainly put a “spring” in your step. Spring means the beginning of warmer temperatures, and with that, fluctuating energy bills. Our friends at Jackson EMC have partnered with TV Host and Home Energy Expert Ty Pennington for a series of informational Ty Talks videos that share helpful[...]

Right Choice Commercial

Home Comfort and Energy Efficiency: Two Peas in a Pod

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swU88j99aPQ Summer is officially heating up, and while we love getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather, the sunshine and warmer temperatures can have some unfavorable consequences on a home’s monthly energy bill. Jackson EMC understands that buying a home is a major investment. In this latest installment from Jackson EMC, TV Host and Home Energy Expert Ty Pennington explains how home[...]

Ty Pennington Smart Thermostat

Why a Smart Thermostat is a Smart Choice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJEYlOJJZVU A few years ago, smart thermostats were changing the market. The hype has seemed to calm down in 2018, but the demand is greater than ever. With our busy lifestyles, we are constantly looking for convenience. Smart thermostats now offer the ultimate convenience by doing the decision making for you by adjusting throughout the day to match your individual schedule[...]

Ty Talks LED Lighting

Energy-Efficient Living Begins with LED Lighting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNCDfTq2K1w LED bulbs have been the talk of lighting technology for a few years now. They are far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly and save homeowners money.  Simply installing LED lighting throughout your home can reduce your energy bill significantly. On average, LED bulbs use up to 75 percent less energy than other bulbs. Moreover, they last longer so that[...]

Pennington Explains Builder Benefits for Participating in Right Choice

Right Choice New Home Benefits from Jackson EMC

https://youtu.be/5u1Oimfrt8Y In an effort to ensure new home building standards that guarantee homes to be comfortable, easy to maintain and energy-efficient throughout the year, Jackson EMC created the Right Choice program. Right Choice New Homes are built from the ground up by industry leaders and are guaranteed to provide comfort and energy savings to homeowners. For a home to be considered a[...]

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Jackson EMC’s goal is to make homes more comfortable and more energy efficient starting with free online resources that help pinpoint initial areas that may need attention in saving home energy. When it comes to improving the overall energy efficiency of a home and making it more comfortable, an assessment on the total performance of the building envelope and the[...]

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Ty Talks: Renewable Energy with Jackson EMC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1eR7fwkSrQ With so many facets of renewable energy available, it is hard to determine which can be best utilized in creating a more energy-efficient home. In this Ty Talks episode presented by Jackson EMC, TV host and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses solar power and how to leverage renewable energy at home. “Having an energy-efficient lifestyle helps ensure that we keep[...]

Jackson EMC Presents Ty Talks: Home Energy Evaluation

Ty Talks: Smart Thermostats Are Smart Choice for Home

Energy-efficient technologies continue to develop and improve – including smart thermostats! In this Ty Talks episode, Jackson EMC spokesperson and home energy expert Ty Pennington explains his take on home thermostats and how they are getting smarter. When it comes to becoming more energy efficient at home, it is most important to assess all aspects of the heating and air system[...]

Ty Talks: Lighting Presented by Jackson EMC

In the latest Ty Talks installment presented by Jackson EMC, television star and home energy expert Ty Pennington discusses the reasons that lighting a home with LED bulbs is the best choice for lessening energy consumption and saving money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhI0_HN1HLM LED bulbs are more expensive than traditional bulbs, but their life expectancies are much longer. Traditional light bulbs last around 1,500 hours,[...]