How N-Play Helps Agents Overcome Typical Atlanta Real Estate Objections

[youtube] As long as Atlanta real estate transactions have been occurring agents have had to be creative in ways to overcome objections in all stages of the process. As a buyer, you don’t want to pay too high an offer. You’re on the fence because you don’t know what the seller wants from you and the worst part is[...]

N-Play: The Future of Atlanta Real Estate Negotiations

[youtube] Are you ready for a way to get your buyers and sellers a faster, better and smarter way to make an offer? For listing agents, your sellers will feel confident you are using all the tools available to sell their homes 24/7 from anywhere at any time! Buyer agents – N-Play will energize your buyers to get off the[...]

N-Play Sponsors Atlanta Press Club Luncheon, Speaks With Sen. Isakson

[youtube] Earlier this week N-Play had the privilege of sponsoring a luncheon at the Atlanta Press Club where Senator Johnny Isakson was the guest speaker. He spoke of the legislative issues facing Congress in 2011 and how it would affect Georgia. We chose to sponsor the event because not only is Mark Bloomfield, our Founder, a Georgia Tech[...]

How Can N-Play Help Atlanta Real Estate Buyers and Sellers?

[youtube] How N-Play works: For Agents, all of your listings through the MLS are already part of the N-Play system, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Once a buyer searches for homes on an Atlanta broker’s or agent’s website, the N-Play “Make an Offer” button shows up on each listing on the search results page. Buyers then click the[...]