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Earlier this week N-Play had the privilege of sponsoring a luncheon at the Atlanta Press Club where Senator Johnny Isakson was the guest speaker. He spoke of the legislative issues facing Congress in 2011 and how it would affect Georgia. We chose to sponsor the event because not only is Mark Bloomfield, our Founder, a Georgia Tech alumnus, but because Senator Isakson was president of Northside Realty in Atlanta for 22 years. We were very interested in meeting with him and getting his perspective on our service.

We’re excited about the opportunity to work with government -run agencies for real estate (like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ) and had a good discussion with Mr. Isakson on the topic. It was a great event and allowed us to meet some really interesting people in Atlanta. It also gave us an opportunity to explain our service to the attendees.

We brought a brand new iPad with us and told the crowd how we paid $500 for it. We then asked the crowd if anyone wanted to buy it from us for $600. No one raised their hand. Then we asked if anyone would pay $25 for it. Everyone raised their hand. After giving the iPad to one lucky winner we explained the correlation between the iPad scenario and making an offer through N-Play. Buyers will pay what the market dictates. Sellers sell at a fair price. Everyone wins.

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