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Are you ready for a way to get your buyers and sellers a faster, better and smarter way to make an offer? For listing agents, your sellers will feel confident you are using all the tools available to sell their homes 24/7 from anywhere at any time! Buyer agents – N-Play will energize your buyers to get off the fence and become engaged without the typical stress of making a binding offer.

Homebuyers have been using the internet to search for homes for years. Today, 90% of all home purchases are first researched online and now for the very first time, buyers are making offers online on those very homes. The groundbreaking service powered by N-Play, is being offered exclusively through a growing number of broker and agent websites in the greater Atlanta metro area.

N-Play is the future of real estate negotiations and now your clients can reap the benefits of this unique service. Don’t hesitate! Sign up today.

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