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How N-Play works:

For Agents, all of your listings through the MLS are already part of the N-Play system, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Once a buyer searches for homes on an Atlanta broker’s or agent’s website, the N-Play “Make an Offer” button shows up on each listing on the search results page. Buyers then click the button and it takes them to the property’s Offer Grid.

Once here, buyers enter details such as price, closing date, payment type, closing costs, etc. The bonus of the offer grid is that buyers can see if there are current offers on the property and if so, how each of them ranks against each other.

The N-Play system keeps all parties informed via email of the status of the offers, if the seller has a comment on the offer and if a buyer’s offer ranking changes. This keeps everyone in the loop throughout the whole process and everyone knows exactly where they stand.

Visit the N-Play website for more information on this new online tool.

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