MarketNsight announces the release of its new Ranking application making analyzing the housing market easier for builders, developers, Realtors and financial institutions.  This cutting-edge tool allows users to rank and sort new home closings with almost limitless possibilities. Options for ranking include sorting by builder*, subdivision, school (down to the elementary school level), zip code and county. Additionally, both primary and secondary ranking criteria can be applied to searches.

“At the touch of a button, industry experts can make decisions on land and product, see their competition and know where they rank in the mix,” John Hunt, Market Analyst of MarketNsight and ViaSearch, said. “This will truly revolutionize the way they look at the numbers and make decisions!”

MarketNSight is focused on helping home builders and developers make smart decisions related to purchasing land and pricing product. Their groundbreaking Feasibility Matrix® systemizes the decision making process and creates a one-stop-shop for gauging new home community feasibility across every new home market in the nation.

Hunt continues,” The world has changed; we are in a new normal where it is imperative for builders and developers to innovate and to provide housing in the locations and at the prices that the market demands.”

MarketNsight currently operates in 14 markets across the Southeast, including cities in Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and Tennessee. Look for new markets to be announced soon.

To schedule a demonstration of the Feasibility Matrix®, call 770-419-9891 or email For information about the market research firm and Hunt’s upcoming speaking engagements, visit

*The new Ranking application is available in all MarketNsight markets; however, rankings are only available by builder in Georgia.