Community of the Week: Monte Hewett Homes' Forrest Commons

It’s no secret that Atlantans have to deal with traffic on a daily basis. All that stop-and-go congestion makes the thought of leaving the car behind a welcome daydream. For  homeowners moving into the exclusive Forrest Commons enclave in Roswell, the chances are good that such a daydream can be a daily reality. Located within a short stroll of the North[...]

Community of the Week: Expo Homes' Manchester Walk

  Despite favorable interest rates, becoming a first-time buyer while trying to stick to a budget can be tough in today’s real estate market. But as two new owners at Manchester Walk in Lawrenceville recently discovered, it’s not only possible but pleasurable to work through the process to become an owner. Jeremy Anderson, a paramedic with a wife and two children, had[...]

Community of the Week: The Providence Group's Whitfield Parc

Finding a dream home often takes a considerable amount of searching and consulting with real estate agents and builders. But when the pieces finally fall into place, it’s an extraordinary thrill. Janice Davis knew that feeling when she bought her last house in Marietta, but when her husband passed away and she was ready to downsize, she feared finding another[...]