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If low prices and low interest rates aren’t enough to convince you that now is the time to buy an Atlanta new home, Academy Mortgage has a few others reasons you may want to consider home ownership.

  • Lower housing prices equals more disposable income. If you’re considering buying right now, you’ll be saving more money on the price of your home and on your monthly mortgage payments. Buyers can use this extra money to make needed renovations, or just store it away for later.
  • Abundant tax advantages. Buying a home has many tax advantages over just renting. Home owners are able to deduct taxes related to their mortgage payment, and even sometimes mortgage payments themselves.
  • It’s great to be a first time buyer. Through the end of this year, first time home buyers can take advantage of a special tax credit that will make up for 20 percent of their interest payments on their mortgage.
  • Get a little help. In addition to everything else that will save you money, some counties in Georgia, including Gwinnett, offer down payment assistance programs.

If we have you sold that now is the time to buy, be sure to give us a call at 404-574-2600  to learn what Academy Mortgage can do for you!

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