$15,000 Down Payment Assistance

President Biden Proposes $15,000 Down Payment Assistance Credit

President Joe Biden recently proposed a $15,000 down payment assistance tax credit for first-time buyers, making homeownership a more affordable and achievable option for 9.3 million renters. According to Zillow, this $15,000 tax credit would be enough to cover the minimum down payment in a majority of the metro areas across the country. For almost 30% of renters, this tax[...]


HomeFundMe: The New 401(k)?

If you've ever looked for a great company to work for, then you may have checked to make sure the benefits of employment included a 401(k) investment plan. These retirement investments are excellent benefits and provide many employees peace of mind as they work toward their retirement years, but those benefits are not realized until the employee actually retires. However, a[...]

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Fidelity Bank Featured on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

Amy Buynoski, vice president, and mortgage banker with Fidelity Bank and Mickey Schilling, mortgage business development manager and vice president with Fidelity Bank, are guests on this week’s All About Real Estate episode of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. During our interview, Amy and Mickey gave us a little background on Fidelity Bank, which is the largest community bank in[...]

Benefits of Atlanta New Home Ownership

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49pZkcmmA1A&version=3&hl=en_US] If low prices and low interest rates aren't enough to convince you that now is the time to buy an Atlanta new home, Academy Mortgage has a few others reasons you may want to consider home ownership. Lower housing prices equals more disposable income. If you're considering buying right now, you'll be saving more money on the price of[...]

Low-Rate Mortgage Program Available on Select Atlanta New, Intown Developments

Are you searching for Atlanta real estate or a new home inside the Perimeter? With a new program offered by the Atlanta Development Authority, you could live a sustainable life, surrounded by hiking and biking trails, acres of greenspace and light rail transit giving you access to the best shopping, dining and attractions that Atlanta has to offer. And on[...]