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Highlighting the movers and shakers in the real estate industry, the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast provides listeners with bite-sized episodes featuring acclaimed guests to share industry tips and tricks, trends in the housing market, upcoming events and more!

The Legends of Real Estate series offers listeners our most anticipated episode each month, showcasing iconic, history-making developers, builders and leaders in the industry. Explore this year’s Legends of Real Estate episodes down below:

Pam Sessions: A Pioneer for New Urbanism in Atlanta

President of Hedgewood Homes, Pam Sessions, joins Radio to discuss her professional experience in homebuilding, design and construction.

Sessions is known as one of the first pioneers of new urbanism in Atlanta due to her vision for creating eco-friendly, walkable communities, including Vickery Village and Downtown Woodstock.

With Sessions holding a degree in fine arts, it should come as no surprise that Hedgewood Homes is a design-driven company with a heavy focus on developing neighborhoods that benefit families’ lifestyles. Taking inspiration from Florida’s Seaside community, Sessions and her team provide homeowners with environments that promote freedom and spontaneity.

Sessions said, “When we took our two children to Seaside, the light bulb went off – it was remembering how we grew up. We had so much freedom that brought responsibility and enabled us to grow into adults.”

To learn more about Pam Sessions and Hedgewood Homes, listen to the full interview here!

Peggy Slappey Properties: The Joy Meter

Broker Peggy Slappy with Peggy Slappey Properties, Inc. sits down with Radio Host Carol Morgan to touch on her decades of real estate and political experience serving the Northeast Georgia and metro Atlanta areas.

Known for her vibrant fashions and joyous demeanor, Slappey took on the role of purveyor of hope and light during the devasting time of the Great Recession. The tumultuous period caused fellow real estate companies and builders to lose significant projects and supporters of the industry, including paralegals and trade workers, to lose their homes.

Surviving five recessions, Slappey is highly involved in the political realm – nationally and locally. Witnessing firsthand the effects and consequences of decisions made by leading politicians, Slappey believes that it is our responsibility, as real estate professionals, to educate congress members on the impact their choices have on homeownership and private property rights.

Slappey said, “When I first started real estate, one of the first things Weston and Isakson said to me was, ‘If real estate is livelihood, politics better be your business.’”

You can listen to the full interview here for additional information on Peggy Slappey and Peggy Slappey Properties!

Richport Properties: Decades in Home Building Industry

Rick Porter, president of Richport Properties and director of the Master of Real Estate Development program at the Georgia Institute of Technology, joins Radio to share his experience in the homebuilding industry, working during the Great Recession and his role in education.

Spending the first seven years of his career diving deeper into the design-build within residential construction, Porter was able to offer custom design and construction, which set him up for decades of success. Prioritizing personal and professional relationships with constructors, vendors and municipalities, Porter created an atmosphere that harmoniously combined good business practices, excellent communication and innovative development ideas.

As an alumnus of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Porter has been the director of the Master of Real Estate Development program for the college for six years – a program he was instrumental in starting. Approximately 70 graduates from the program are now working in the Atlanta real estate market!

Porter said, “Academia is not the solution for every profession, but the next significant stealth for the profession of real estate development is to have a place in academia.”

To learn more about Rick Porter, Richport Properties and the Master of Real Estate Development program, listen to the full interview here!

Carl Riden: Home Grown Relationship Builder

Founder of Redmont Homes, Carl Riden joins Radio to touch on his decades of experiences, working in the Great Recession and his time in the homebuilding industry.

Riden began his career in the real estate industry working with a local apartment developer, which led him to start his own business in 1977, Carl Riden Homes. While his building career was growing in success, Riden faced many challenges in the early 1980s, including competition and the Great Recession.

After decades of building beautiful homes, Riden sold Carl Riden Homes to his business partner, Mike Smith, who transitioned the company to Harcrest Homes. Riden later started his second homebuilding venture, Redmont Homes.

Riden said, “Be enthusiastic and work your way up!”

You can listen to the full interview here for additional information on Carl Riden!

Dan O’Dwyer: From Playhouses to Subdivisions

Dan O’Dwyer, the founder of O’Dwyer Homes, shares with Radio his decades of valuable experience in the homebuilding industry, working during the Great Recession and his involvement in the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.

Known as the kid in his childhood neighborhood that built the most excellent playhouses, O’Dwyer has always had a passion for construction. Working in several areas in the construction industry, the legend is a jack of all trades with experience in remodeling, carpentry, framing, sales, building and production!

After working with many top builders and finding himself out of a job towards the end of the Great Recession, O’Dwyer started O’Dwyer Homes in 1992 with a little money and financing for three homes. From the 1990s to the early 2000s, O’Dwyer and his team rapidly sold subdivision after subdivision – selling over 200 homes annually.

O’Dwyer said, “I remember carpenters working on my folk’s home when I was 12 years old and telling them, ‘I want to do what you do.’”

To learn more about Dan O’Dwyer and O’Dwyer Homes, listen to the full interview here!

Waterford Homes: Decades in the Industry

President of Waterford Homes, David Clough joins Radio to discuss his decades in the industry, working through the Great Recession and his heavy involvement in the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and the Home Builders Association of Georgia.

Starting with just five lots in Dekalb County to developing several residential projects across the metro Atlanta area, Clough and his team at Waterford Homes are a force to be reckoned with!

Construction in the 1990s within Atlanta consisted of an ample number of small builders and developers, local bankers and public companies – making competition strong but connected. Clough was among one of the first in the industry to join a builder’s group which provided an inclusive community for builders and developers to network with others in the field.

Clough said, “Put in your proverbial 10,000 hours and work hard!”

You can listen to the full interview here for additional information on David Clough and Waterford Homes!

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