Bob Chapin with SouthState Bank joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast.

Bob Chapin, senior vice president of SouthState Bank, joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast as part of the Legends of Real Estate series. Chapin chats with host Carol Morgan about his years in the industry, what sparked his interest in banking and his involvement in the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Home Builders Association of Georgia.

Growing up in Doraville, Chapin has been a rare Georgia native who went to college at Georgia Southern University earning a degree in finance with an emphasis on real estate and banking. With a dad who worked as a company controller, Chapin grew up around spreadsheets and developed a real love for money and people. Chapin was treasurer of every school club and, in his senior year, was introduced to the owner of Peachtree Bank who offered him a summer/holiday position. From working in customer service and collection to the mail room and as a teller, Chapin built a strong foundation in banking at a young age.

Chapin said, “My favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I fell in love with the character of George Bailey…I thought banking was the perfect fit!”

Right out of college, Chapin joined the training program at Peachtree Bank amid a recession with interest rates between 18 and 19%. While Chapin was involved in the training program, the Head of Real Estate for the bank asked for a volunteer to become the interim Construction Inspector and Chapin eagerly took on the job. Since then, Chapin has fallen in love with the real estate realm of banking and has never looked back!

Chapin said, “When you are out on a job site, you fall in love with the sights, smells and sounds.”

Experiencing four recessions, Chapin has developed a good eye and intuition when it comes to future economic changes. The banking president shared four quotes with the audience that he lives by:

  1. “The housing market never goes to zero.”
  2. “When the worst of my competition is doing well, it’s time to pull back.”
  3. “The housing market is cyclical.”
  4. “Don’t confuse a good market with genius.”

In the first few decades of Chapin’s career, the builders who typically worked with Chapin were all involved in builder’s programs. The banks would try to provide A&D loans to builders under programs while as well as uphold the goal of providing individual small builders with construction loans. With the cost of development being at equal value as the cost of lots in today’s market, builder’s programs are a thing of the past with many disappearing after the Great Recession.

Chapin said, “That was the lending process…there was very little end-user development in building.”

While many aspects of the real estate and banking world have changed over the years, Chapin explains that the one thing that has never shifted is the relationships and connections made within the industry.

Chapin said, “The relationship aspect has not changed and is one of the best parts of this business!”

From the beginning of his career, Chapin has been heavily involved in both the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA) and the Home Builders Association of Georgia (HBAG). As a life director at the GAHBA, Chapin believes showing support for the industry along with networking with fellow industry professionals is extremely important. Chapin encourages his industry partners and employees to get involved in all the associations and organizations, including GAHBA, HBAG, HomeAid Atlanta and more!

Chapin said, “We should support the association that supports the industry that puts food on the table.”

Chapin explains that the best part of his job is walking the raw pieces of dirt and envisioning the possibilities with his clients.

Chapin said, “After visiting lots and financing loans, you drive through the developments to see kids playing in yards and residents walking their dogs, and you know you’ve had a small part in providing the American dream.”

With decades of success under his belt, Chapin is most proud of the relationships he’s maintained and the connections he’s built. Chapin’s definition of a relationship is not looking at each other but looking in the same direction together. The banking professional also mentions the pride he has for his talented team at SouthState Bank and his gratitude for every single person has formed a relationship with throughout his career.

Working with SouthState Bank for almost 15 years, Chapin works with privately held building companies. A number of his clients were introduced to SouthState Bank by developers who have left public builders to start their own companies. SouthState Bank is currently in six states and has 240 branches with an incredible team with expertise in customer support, sales, mortgage, treasury management and more!

Chapin said, “There are a lot of builders that can build houses, fewer that can build a house and make money and fewer that can build a house, make money and have a business.”

To learn more about South State Bank you can visit You can also speak with Bob Chapin directly at 770-274-4903 or via email at RLChapin

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