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Broker Peggy Slappey with Peggy Slappey Properties, Inc. joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss her decades of real estate and political experience serving the Northeast Georgia and metro Atlanta areas. On the 12th installment of the Legends of Real Estate series, Slappey joins host Carol Morgan to touch on checking in daily with your joy meter and putting a smile on your face in good times and bad.

Slappey moved to Atlanta in 1972 with her husband, Tommy, to bring his building company to an area where creative and contemporary housing was embraced. Growing up in the industry, Slappey studied interior design and later gained her real estate license to work with her husband – making her a third-generation Realtor.

Slappey said, “Whatever it takes. That has been my motto forever!”

After receiving her real estate license, Slappey began working with incredible brokers, such as local broker Buddy Weston and senior broker Johnny Isakson. Wanting to support her husband, Slappey began Peggy Slappey Properties, Inc. to provide a sales center, staff and model homes alongside her husband’s successful business. Though Slappey left the brokerages to start her own business, Weston and Isakson never stopped supporting her.

Surrounded by a supportive family and powerful, working women, Slappey helped pave the way for women in the 1980s within the Atlanta real estate industry. While there were many bumps in the road and industry struggles to overcome, the female broker remained focused and positive – keeping her on track for great success.

Slappey said, “Failure was not an option for me.”

A lover of new construction, future designs and blossoming trends, Slappey encourages her builders to develop homes desirable to prospective buyers and enjoys forecasting trends and looking to the future for on-the-horizon design choices.

Slappey said, “There’s nothing like seeing dirt moved and new homes going vertical!”

Slappey describes working during the Great Recession as devastating. The tumultuous period caused fellow real estate companies and builders to lose significant projects and supporters of the industry, including paralegals and trade workers, to lose their homes. Taking on the role of purveyor of hope and joy, Slappey committed to exclusively wearing bright colors during this difficult time and became well-known for wearing vibrant yellows and greens.

For Slappey, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA) was a space dedicated to education, support and encouragement, providing incredible networking and peer involvement opportunities. Over the years, Slappey gained beneficial knowledge and lasting relationships from the GAHBA she carried with her every step of her career.

Slappey said, “There are no words to describe how impactful the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association has been for me.”

Slappey’s advice for women who are, or want to be, in the real estate industry is to be wise, seek counsel from others and get involved. Connect with local Realtor and home builder associations with members that will network, mentor and share experiences to support your journey. Remember to also surround yourself with great people who will encourage you every step of the way.

Slappey said, “Watch others who are successful and attach yourself to them!”

It takes extensive learning and dedication to understand the buying and home selling processes, making it essential to have a trusted advisor who helps prevent mistakes and understands every possible scenario. While there are several hurdles to jump through within the buying and selling process, there are industry professionals who specialize in specific trades and operations to make closing a home a breeze for both sides.

Between her many achievements and career accomplishments, Slappey is most proud of the reputation behind Peggy Slappey Properties, Inc. The broker mentions her pride and respect for her husband, who left his building company to join Slappey in real estate, as well as her sister and other staff members. Providing a current and younger perspective, Slappey’s children hold roles within the company.

Slappey is also involved in politics, which started when she began her career with Weston and Isakson. Serving on her local town council for 12 years, Slappey knows the importance of not only the national government but the local government as well. Living through five recessions, Slappey has had a front-row seat to the effects and consequences of decisions made by leading politicians. She believes it is our responsibility to educate members of Congress on how their choices impact the real estate industry, homeownership and private property rights.

Slappey said, “When I first started in real estate, one of the first things Weston and Isakson said to me was, ‘If real estate is your livelihood, politics better be your business.'”

Day to day, Slappey helps individuals buy and sell homes, achieve their real estate goals and develop their potential within the industry. She also participates heavily in politics on the national and state level to be an advocate for the housing industry.

Slappey said, “My goal is to enrich lives one story at a time.”

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