Barbara Wray with Wick Marketing Joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio Podcast

Barbara Wray, senior vice president of strategic growth with Wick Marketing, joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss Wick Marketing’s recent homebuyer research study. On the All About Real Estate segment, Wray chats with host Carol Morgan about the insightful results of targeting millennials and Gen Z new home buyers and how to utilize the results to build a successful sales and marketing strategy.

With the building industry constantly evolving, Wick Marketing recently conducted a “Beyond Buyer Profiles and Demographics” study to understand buyers’ thoughts better when purchasing a home. Wray and her team believe that utilizing fresh insights and data to build an accurate branding and marketing strategy can significantly improve how consumers engage with builders. The marketing firm commissioned its survey partner to create an attitudinal survey that provided information on how consumers feel about certain scenarios within the home-buying process.

Wray said, “A major part of our role as a strategic firm is to understand our clients’ customers.”

From late March to early April of 2023, the survey studied a group of individuals who recently bought a home between November of 2022 and March of this year – a period that witnessed 10 interest rate increases, rising home prices and shortages in inventory. Wick Marketing wanted to understand how to market to buyers who are still interested in purchasing amid such difficulties. The attitudinal survey provided results for three separate groups, including a group of satisfaction, a group of disappointment and a group of regret:

  • 22% of survey participants felt confident and satisfied with their recent home purchase
  • 38% of survey participants felt burdened and disappointed in their purchase
  • 40% of survey participants felt stressed and regretful of their home purchase

Wray said, “This is an industry that tries hard to create an experience for their buyers…yet only 22% were confident and satisfied in their recent home buying process.”

Another segment of the survey focused on trust. Results show that homebuyers trust family and friends the most, followed by 51% of participants highly trusting real estate agents. However, 37% expressed high trust for master-plan community representatives and 21% greatly trust their homebuilder representatives.

Wray said, “It’s hard to sell a home to someone who doesn’t trust you.”

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