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Say goodbye to city life and hello to sustainable living when you call an agrihood home! Focused on connectivity and health, agrihoods are rapidly rising in popularity and causing several city slickers to leave their urban dwellings behind to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a conservation community.

From enhanced quality of life to easy access to locally grown foods, there are a multitude of benefits and advantages of living within an agrihood, including:

Sustainability + Healthy Living

Agrihood communities typically showcase homes that are thoughtfully sized, energy-efficient and designed with sustainable living in mind. From compost piles and solar panels to eco-friendly appliances and LEED certifications, agrihood communities are perfect for those who enjoy clean living, conserving energy and helping the planet.

According to The Zebra, 73% of Americans consider access to fresh, healthy foods a top priority. With many agrihoods taking a farm-to-table approach, residents appreciate the convenient access to locally grown and organically sourced foods. Agrihood communities typically feature a community garden that is professionally kept by an on-site farmer as well as neighborhood volunteers. Other amenities generally showcased within agrihoods are multiple green spaces, solar farms, bike and walking trails, greenhouses, communal clubhouses and more!


From the walking trails that flow throughout the neighborhood to the communal workshops and events, agrihoods boast a sense of inclusivity and community. Designed with togetherness in mind, houses featured in agrihoods tend to be close in range and perfectly align with the close-knit community lifestyle.

Agrihood communities provide several opportunities for like-minded residents to enjoy each other’s company and form long-lasting relationships. Whether it’s working together in the garden, taking an evening stroll through the neighborhood or enjoying a special clubhouse event with neighbors, agrihoods exude community, unity and friendship.


Providing various ways to learn and grow, agrihoods offer residents workshops and educational opportunities to build knowledge on gardening, cooking, agriculture and more! Such workshops and activities typically include lessons that support sustainability and healthy living, such as canning/pickling, proper farming techniques, fitness classes and culinary events.

Not only do agrihoods provide great educational programs for adults, but such communities also offer great learning opportunities for children! From arts and crafts spaces to wood shops, children who are residents within agrihoods can learn sustainable living and conscious thinking early in life!


Pendergrast Farm

Situated in Decatur, Pendergrast Farm by Healthy House of Georgia is a unique conservation community near Emory University. Offering 20 energy-efficient homes priced from $1.2 million, the agrihood community is setting a new standard for sustainable living in metro Atlanta by harmoniously blending energy-efficient homes, a working farm, nature preservation and urban convenience.

To learn more about Pendergrast Farm, listen to the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast episode featuring Dennis McConnell, President of Healthy House of Georgia, here.

New homes and green space at Pendergrast Farm


Thoughtfully located on the outskirts of Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills, Serenbe is a one-of-a-kind agrihood that thrives and works in tandem with the environment surrounding it. Developers Marie and Steve Lupo Nygren brought the community to life in hopes of creating a greener way of living. Serenbe features 1,200 homes on 1,000 acres, as well as preserved green space, farm-to-table restaurants, 15 miles of trails, edible landscaping and solar, net-zero homes.

Whether you want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city or seek an eco-friendly way of living, agrihood communities are idyllic for transforming your life for the better!

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