Photo of a farmhouse in the sustainable and serene community of Serenbe.

Photo the serene landscape featured in the Serenbe community that thrives off sustainability living.“Inspired by the past and built for the future,” Serenbe is a one-of-a-kind agrihood situated on the outskirts of Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills. The pocket community thrives and works in tandem with the environment. Developers Steve and Marie Lupo Nygren dreamt of changing the world by creating a greener way of living. Serenbe is this vision brought to life — a community that works in tandem with its natural surroundings versus being destructive.

Motivated by the English countryside and hamlets, Serenbe’s land plan features 1,200 homes on 1,000 acres, nestled within the surrounding woods and preserving 70% of the land as green space. Homeowners in this community enjoy sustainable amenities such as farm-to-table restaurants, 15 miles of trails, edible landscaping and geothermal, solar and net-zero home features to promote a beautiful and eco-friendly way of life. Homes in the Serenbe community save 30% more on energy costs annually than homes built by typical traditional building methods.

A Green Revolution

A photo of home in the Serenbe community to promote the sustainable and serene community.An EarthCraft-certified community, Serenbe follows Chattahoochee Hills Dark Sky regulations to reduce light pollution within the community and give homeowners access to beautiful, starlit skies. An on-site natural sand filter and wastewater treatment facility responsibly and sustainably cleans water and the multitude of trails throughout the community encourage bike transportation and walking for a walkable and connected experience.

An 80% edible landscape featured in the Grange Hamlet offers homeowners a delicious and healthy snack courtesy of blueberries, fig, plum, apple and pear trees. The Mado Hamlet features a full medicinal garden free for residential use.

The Serenbe lifestyle is centered around fresh air and fresh food to increase the wellbeing of its residents. Other features in the community include a 25-acre organic farm, a community-supported agricultural program (CSA) and a seasonal farmers market.

Throughout the community, a noticeable feature is the lack of trash cans and recycling units. To reduce the amount of visual pollution, developers of Serenbe made the revolutionary decision to place trash and recycling receptacles in the ground to keep the surrounding beauty of Serenbe uninterrupted. Trash cans and recycling receptacles are in a singular location for all residents to access. Mailboxes are also in a central community location and porches are placed close to sidewalks to encourage camaraderie amongst neighbors.

Farm Fresh Nutrition

Photo of the Serenbe community gathering and socializing in the community center.Serenbe residents and visitors alike enjoy access to fresh, farm-to-table restaurants, completing the sustainability cycle within the community. From growing the food, living in tandem with the green landscape and enjoying the nutrients offered, homeowners at Serenbe truly enjoy a fresher and greener way of life.

Rejuvenating, farm-to-table restaurants featured in the community serve delicious, artisan-crafted meals with locally sourced ingredients, featuring a little piece of Serenbe within every meal. All restaurants are within walking distance of the pocket communities.

  • The Farmhouse at Serenbe is one of the pioneer farm-to-table restaurants in Atlanta and highlights regional cuisine using locally sourced, organic ingredients from the restaurant’s garden, Serenbe’s garden and other local producers. A unique feature of this establishment is the Summer Dining Room, the Nygren’s former dining room.
  • The Hill at Serenbe offers a warm and inviting atmosphere paired with organic, farm cuisine sourced from locally grown produce at Serenbe. This is a great place to gather with family and friends to enjoy delicious, refreshing food with a specially crafted wine, beer and cocktail menu.
  • You’ll find residents and visitors of Serenbe milling about The Blue Eyed Daisy, gazing at the delicious selection of baked goods. Since 2005, The Blue Eyed Daisy has served farm-to-table confections that keep visitors coming back for more. Known locally as The Daisy, this is a community hotspot that features delicious breakfast and lunch options as well as an Italian night highlight.
  • Vegans and fresh food connoisseurs flock to Halsa, a sophisticated vegetable-driven restaurant in the heart of Serenbe. Swedish-style cuisine paired with fresh, farm ingredients make this a staple of the community. Dishes such as Shrimp Skagen created with farm-fresh sour cream, pickled red onions and smoked trout roe as well as a build-your-own-bowl option have Serenbe residents flocking here whenever possible.
  • Growing fresh produce and locally sourcing them is only the beginning at Serenbe Foods. The community grocer produces canned preserves and jellies that remind shoppers of days gone by where preserving farm-fresh fruits and vegetables was a regular pastime. Pepper jellies, bread and butter pickles and peach butter are just a few scrumptious options. Serenbe Foods products is a regular feature within the pantries at Serenbe and it’s no wonder why.
  • Bamboo Juices thrives by the standard of “truly farm to bottle.” This nationally recognized service produces a delicious selection of pressed juices, smoothies, almond milks, elixirs and more. Subscriptions are available nationwide, but Atlanta locals receive free next-day delivery. Fueling the body with delicious and beneficial ingredients is another exceptional piece of the Serenbe lifestyle.

Nutrition for the Mind

Not only does this community feature a walkable and sustainable lifestyle, but it also boasts a top-rated educational center. Acton AcademyLittle Acorn Learning Center and Chattahoochee Charter School give families access to fantastic educational opportunities within a neighborhood that advocates for sustainability and the importance of community.

A Green Getaway

Photo the Serenbe community that celebrates serenity and sustainability.If you’re interested in visiting Serenbe, The Inn at Serenbe offers a quaint, rustic experience in 29 rooms amid the rolling farms and pastures of the community. Experience the lifestyle and stay for the community when visiting Serenbe. Over 30 businesses, rustic and fresh culinary opportunities and annual cultural events await visitors and residents.

There is also an in-house newspaper, the Serenbe Hamlet, that highlights events and the comings and goings of the community. The Life at Serenbe blog and Serenbe Stories podcast digitally share news and are easily accessible if you live outside of the community.

Live at Serenbe

Serenbe is a thriving community that is still in development. This means you too can enjoy the serene lifestyle of Serenbe. With cottages, townhomes, lofts, estates, farmettes and more, you are sure to find the perfect home to lease or buy. Visit the real estate page to learn about investment opportunities and homes available for rent or sale.

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