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The final episode of January’s Around Atlanta New Year’s Resolutions is here! Ashley Francis, owner of TURN Indoor Cycling + Strength Studio, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to tell listeners how TURN Studio helps everyone who walks through its doors achieve their fitness goals and build a supportive fitness community.

Francis graduated from Clemson University and began her career as a medical device sales representative. The last three years of her sales career, she moved to San Diego and became absorbed into the West Coast fitness lifestyle with boutique fitness studios one very corner. Her entrepreneurship dreams unfulfilled by her sales career, she decided to open a boutique fitness studio in Atlanta. Thus, TURN Studio was born.

TURN Studio is the first boutique cycling and spin fitness studio in Sandy Springs. What sets TURN apart is its diversity of instructors. Its cycling instructors offer every type of cycling available, more than typically offered rhythm riding and performance riding. Whether you grew up an athlete or are new to cycling and the fitness industry, you will be welcomed at TURN Indoor Cycling + Strength Studio.

In addition to its cycling services, TURN also offers an upstairs studio for HIIT training, dance, boot camps, any kind of workouts and most importantly, building community. Further, TURN Studio offers pop-up charity rides so that people can give back to the community while getting in shape.

Francis says beginners especially are welcomed into Cycling 101, where rookies are coached and guided and taught how to properly ride. But, at the end of the day, she says, it’s all about how each person wants to ride and the most rewarding part of seeing people get started in cycling is watching them grow, change and transform.

Rhythm riding is TURN’s “standard” ride, where people ride to the beat of the music and instructors add choreography to work every muscle group. Performance riding is more of a competition: riders are compared to each other and pushing each other to perform at their best. At the end of the class, the machines send riders emails telling them how they did.

TURN also has an exclusive lighting and sound system that make the experience even more exciting. Additionally, “double shot” classes cover both riding and boot camps, so that the participants get a full-body workout.

Francis says something that holds so many people back from achieving their New Year’s resolutions are the unattainable goals they set. She recommends setting goals that are weekly, monthly and yearly to hold themselves more accountable.

To learn more about TURN Indoor Cycling + Strength Studio or try it out for yourself, listen to today’s podcast, visit www.TURNStudio.com or follow TURN Studio on Facebook.


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TURN Indoor Cycling + Strength Studio


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TURN Indoor Cycling + Strength Studio