turn indoor cycling + strength studio

    TURN Indoor Cycling + Strength Studio Building Health and Community

    The final episode of January's Around Atlanta New Year's Resolutions is here! Ashley Francis, owner of TURN Indoor Cycling + Strength Studio, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to tell listeners how TURN Studio helps everyone who walks through its doors achieve their fitness goals and build a supportive fitness community. Francis graduated from Clemson University and began her career[...]

    Bien-Aimè Strength & Stretch Studio Balancing Atlanta’s Physical Strength, Overall Well-Being

    Co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick continue their New Year's Resolution series on this week's episode of Around Atlanta. Today's guest is Ulrick Bien-Aimè from Bien-Aimè Strength & Stretch Studio to tell listeners about the importance of keeping muscles strong and flexible on the journey to getting in shape. Boasting around 30 years of experience in training, education and disciplined health[...]

    edward andrews homes

    Pink Barre Studios Featured on Around Atlanta Edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

    Tara Joiner and Maureen Chatelain of Atlanta-based Pink Barre Studios are today’s Around Atlanta guests on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. The local business was started with a bond that formed between the two over a love for fitness. After training for a marathon, the two decided that they would work together to bring a business to the city that combined[...]

    Getting the Most Out of Your Work-Out

    At Soleil, we really know how to put the 'active' in active adult living! Our new open exercise Group-DVD sessions are a great way for anyone to burn calories and increase agility, as well as continue living an active, healthy lifestyle. Preparing for any form of exercise provides for the most effective and efficient results.  Without following through with a thorough[...]

    Atlanta Real Estate Helps Keep Atlanta a Top 10 Most Active City

    The June issue of Men’s Health magazine ranks the Top 100 least-active cities based on how often residents exercise, the number of households that watched 15 hours of cable television each week and bought more than 11 video games a year, and other factors. The article is called, "Where Sit Happens" and the city scored the worst is Lexington, Ky.[...]