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The tiny house movement is a trend taking the real estate market by storm! Tiny homes are beginning to fill-in the gap between the lack of supply and demand. John Hunt, President of MarketNsight and ViaSearch, joins Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss the “new normal” and explain how and why the market has reset in terms of both demographics and psychographics.

On today’s show, Hunt gives insight on ViaSearch and how the massive demographic change has impacted the number of homes that builders sell. Due to the downturn, job insecurity, student debt and more, the age for a first-time homebuyer has jumped up to 33-years-old – this is the reality of the new normal!

Millennials are builder’s biggest consumers and what millenials want is to be back in the city.  As a builder or developer, how can you get more home sales without losing money? Hunt explains his theories and also points out the hot spots in town, as well as the growing areas that are scattered outside of Atlanta.

Have you noticed that your year starts strong but then continues to drop or become stagnant? Hunt explains the trends in permits and why businesses continue to see this rise and fall. He stresses that there is not a lack of demand, just a lack of supply at the price points where buyers want to buy. Plus, he explains that Atlanta builders are not the only ones seeing a low amount of distressed lots.

Creative projects that Hunt is currently seeing in the early stages are more townhomes, stack-flats and compact condominiums, an all-around tiny housing movement. Builders are beginning to think outside the box and signs are showing that this is extremely successful. Hunt states that the tiny house movement may even bring back the 60 percent of the people that were buying homes at early stages in their lives.

A tiny home can be classified in several ways. Currently, in the city of East Point, there is a tiny home of 500 square feet with detached product and a communal garden coming soon. Both generations, empty nesters and Millennials, are flocking to these homes because they are affordable and offer a place in the city.

What are Hunt’s predictions for 2019? In today’s show, he gives the audience a sneak peak of his thoughts and explains that if builders want to see that 30 percent growth rate, then they need to change what they are doing. His main piece of advice to builders for 2019 is even though tiny homes are making a big impact on the economy, never stop building traditional homes. It’s important to think outside of the box, but the traditional side of the equation still needs constant fueling.

Listen to the above interview for complete details. John can be contacted at or on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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