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Gabe and Myles Chatham with The Chatham Company join the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the family’s impressive 75-year legacy and the valuable knowledge that comes with it. The Chatham brothers sit down with host Carol Morgan on the Real Estate Legacy series.

The two oldest of three brothers, Gabe and Myles Chatham, continue to build on the Chatham legacy in its 75th year, working personally and professionally to bring the company into the next generation, which will be inherited by 11 grandchildren. Growing up in the business, a regular Saturday for the brothers consisted of visiting job sites with their father and experiencing first-hand the tumultuous changes occurring in the industry.

Myles said, “It’s in our blood. We’ve been around it our whole lives [and we love it.] We feel like we’ve gained experience in this business.”

The Chatham legacy is comprised of three separate entities. The first, a development company, focuses on building luxury communities in the north Atlanta area. A custom homebuilding business, ChathamBilt Homes was founded by their grandfather, Howard Chatham, and acted as the starting point for the family’s legacy. Finally, The Chatham Company is a brokerage business connected to the family brand that primarily assists with the purchase and sale of homes and partners with buyers to succeed in real estate.

A third-generation company, where The Chatham Company stands today was firmly built on the formative years the brothers spent visiting job sites with their father after Sunday church and learning the ins and outs of the business from a formative age. The brothers both commented that continuing the legacy of their father and grandfather and witnessing first-hand the impact their legacy has made makes a world of difference.

Gabe said, “Ultimately, we’ve learned over time…that if something is a short-term loss, it’s well worth it…for a long-term perspective of what we do.”

Over 75 years, the builder has constructed 6,000 homes and counting in 150 neighborhoods! Turning back the clock to 1948, the Chatham legacy began when Howard Chatham founded his homebuilding business. Then in the mid-1950s, he began what would become the largest real estate company in the Southeast, Northside Realty.

Myles said, “There’s no way to count the thousands of folks through the legacy we’ve been able to help on the real estate side as well as but we’re certainly proud of those statistics, stories and families.”

Another notable milestone, David Chatham was recently inducted into the Home Builders Association of Georgia (HBAG) Hall of Fame. In the last few years, the builder was named Southern Living Custom Home Builder of the Year and was also invited to be on the board of directors for the company’s custom builder program. This merely scratches the surface of the company’s seven decades of accolades but is a testament to the ongoing commitment to beautiful, quality construction. Click here to listen to the Legends of Real Estate episode, starring David Chatham!

Whether a homebuyer has an architect and home plan ready to go or is starting from scratch, The Chatham Company is prepared to partner with you. The company’s flexibility allows it to assist homebuyers at all stages of construction. A people-oriented company at its core, the brothers emphasized the dedication to providing clients with a home that will best serve their family and life goals.

Myles said, “We love spending time with people through this process!”

The legacy’s extension to both the homebuilding and brokerage side of the business allows it to emphasize not only how the home will best serve a buyer in this generation but also how best to create value in an ever-changing market and leave something lasting to pass on to the next generation.

While it has become more difficult to secure land in the face of changing regulations from both a national and local perspective, hearing the stories passed down from their father and grandfather provides a valuable point of view on how best to navigate the present to prepare for the future.

Gabe said, “We’ve been able to learn those valuable, historical lessons that serve us and our builder partners and ultimately, the homeowners as well.”

Due to the scarcity of property, this new perspective has challenged the company to consider projects outside of its normal scope of work, paving the way for new chapters for the Chatham legacy. The brothers also have a notable pulse on today’s most popular trends, sharing that walkability, natural color tones, small laundry spaces in the owner’s suite and scullery-style kitchens are trends worth noting as we enter the new year.

In preparation for a new year and chapter for The Chatham Company, the duo shared that they are expanding into new markets and growing their team in the Florida panhandle, the Birmingham area, Upstate South Carolina and Middle Tennessee.

Myles said, “We’re really just looking at 2024 to continue to grow that footprint.”

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