Rajat Agarwal with Opendoor joins the studio

Opendoor Revolutionizes Home Sales, Digitizes Real Estate

Homebuilder Partnership Manager Rajat Agarwal with Opendoor joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to share how Atlanta consumers can benefit from digital homebuying (often referred to as iBuying). Agarwal joins host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate segment and discusses the leading digital iBuyer platform for buying and selling real estate. For the last three years, Agarwal worked for[...]

investor purchases for rental housing

Investor Home Purchases are Shrinking

A new report from ATTOM Data Solutions reveals that nearly one in 10 homes sold so far in 2018 by the nation’s two leading iBuyers – Opendoor and Offerpad – were purchased by institutional investor entities buying at least 10 homes. Although overall investor sales are down dramatically, more sales transactions for this group take place through iBuyers. Investor sales[...]