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Design the Perfect Home Office with Womack Custom Homes

Designing a home office tailored to individual needs enhances productivity, flexibility and work-life balance. Womack Custom Homes offers an ideal solution for creating a dream workspace in a Cartersville home. Discover the benefits of an at-home work space and explore key strategies to seamlessly incorporate it into a custom design. Unlock Productivity & Bliss A home office offers numerous advantages. It fosters[...]

How to Create a Home Office without Breaking the Bank

Remote work took over the professional sphere in 2020 after the initial wave of the pandemic. According to The Atlantic, about 35 percent of Americans transitioned to remote work to stall the spread of Coronavirus.  There is no doubt that working from home provided more flexibility for professional workers. However, without a functional workspace, productivity can actually decrease. Remote work is here[...]

Woman at home office showing remote work

Atlanta is Top U.S. City for Remote Work

Amerisleep Reveals Georgia Best Place to Work from Home! New research from sleep experts Amerisleep shows that Georgia is the best Southeastern state for those who work from home! The study reviewed the most populated cities in the Southeast to discover the best and worst states for working remotely. Work environment was judged on Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people, average commute[...]

Forget Man Caves, Mom Caves Are the Hottest New Home Feature

For years, you’ve been watching your children and significant other take over every inch of free space in your home. Well, it’s time to reclaim your space. Mom Caves are here with a vengeance, taking over a free closet or corner of the home, for a makeshift kid-and-husband-free zone. This is the hottest new addition you can make to your[...]

Extra Insurance May Be Needed for Your Atlanta Home Office

Reflecting the trends of increased telecommuting, a rise in home-based businesses and, let’s face it, more constant surveillance of e-mails and social media, an increasing number of (city) new homes include a home office. If you plan to have a home office, you’ll want to talk with your insurance provider to see if you need extra coverage. “Insuring a Home Office,”[...]

10 Musts for Your New Home

What are the BIG trends in the home building industry for 2010? Well, it may be a little surprising to find out that the biggest trend is downsizing. Traditionally, home buyers have been seeking spacious, lavish homes with all the amenities as well as extra rooms, like a home theater or present wrapping room, to complement their unique abode. However, this[...]