For years, you’ve been watching your children and significant other take over every inch of free space in your home. Well, it’s time to reclaim your space. Mom Caves are here with a vengeance, taking over a free closet or corner of the home, for a makeshift kid-and-husband-free zone. This is the hottest new addition you can make to your piece of Atlanta real estate; it gives you a moment’s peace and a place to relax, de-stress and indulge in a piece of chocolate.

There are five simple steps to get your Mom Cave up and running:

  1. Select your location. Any free space in your home will do. From an unused closet to a corner of space in the kitchen, attic or bedroom there is sure to be an available spot in your home. The inclusion of windows is ideal to opening up the space; however, if windows are unavailable, hang some mirrors to help reflect light.
  2. Add some privacy. If your space doesn’t have a door, it is important to add a divider, screen, or bookshelf or hang a curtain to separate your space from the rest of your home.
  3. Select your color palette. Your space will be instantly transformed and the mood set by adding a bit of color to your Mom Cave.
  4. Make it comfy. Choose your throne wisely. You’re using your Mom Cave as an escape; the last thing you want is an uncomfortable chair.
  5. Make it your own. Add a plant, photo, a few hooks for decorations or anything that will provide inspiration and allow you to relax. Whatever you choose to add, make sure that you include a “do not disturb” sign on the entrance to your Mom Cave.

For more information and tips about Mom Caves, visit the Shine website.

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