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MarketNsight Announces Housing Sales Have Found a Bottom

Pending Sales Down 4 Percent from 2021 and still up 5 percent from 2019 Keeping with its trend of being ahead of the curve and setting accurate benchmarks to use nationally, MarketNsight released early August numbers for Atlanta. The first three weeks of August revealed a definite bottom for housing sales, which is, of course, tied to interest rates. With 30-Year Fixed[...]

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St. Bourke Shares State of Atlanta Housing Market

St. Bourke, an Atlanta-based asset management and property development company, reveals a big picture glimpse of housing in 2022 and lookback at the 2021 real estate market. Improved economic conditions and strong demand fueled the Atlanta housing market in 2021 driving home prices, starts and closings to record levels. “While we expect that housing metrics will continue to climb in 2022,[...]

2020 Economic Forecast: Which Way Will the Camel Sit?

2020 Economic Forecast: Which Way Will the Camel Sit?

Dr. Rajeev Dhawan of the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business gives his 2020 Economic forecast. He says, "A maturing business cycle, the ongoing global slowdown and the U.S.-China trade spat are fostering a deteriorating business investment climate, and a slowdown in job growth has made consumers wary of spending." Related to overseas buyers, Dhawan commented[...]