Neighborhood Feature: Buford

Neighborhood Feature: Buford

Homebuyers are looking for more than just a great floor plan or a community swimming pool during their Atlanta home search. There are many other aspects that influence where to live, and location is typically the deciding factor. In Buford, the great city includes exciting shops, award-winning restaurants and affordable residences. With a population of 18,130 people, incoming tourists and[...]

fall festivals

Fall Festivals Happening in Metro Atlanta

Pumpkins are appearing, leaves are turning and fall is approaching. This fantastic season is accompanied by events every weekend in and around metro Atlanta. Heatherland Homes’ residents are enjoying the many fall festivals happening around their exclusive communities. Scarecrow Invasion in Woodstock On October 1, Woodstock is prepared to be invaded and taken over. There is no need to worry; however, because[...]

Sky-high Adventures at the Harvest Balloon Festival

There's no better way to celebrate the wonders of fall after a long summer spent inside than to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, cool weather and wide open spaces. Once outside, you'll find many inviting adventures. However, the most exciting is the free Harvest Balloon Festival hosted by Sterling on the Lake in Flowery Branch. On Oct. 16 and[...]