Geoffrey Deckelbaum with SRP Lending

Principal Geoffrey Deckelbaum with SRP Lending joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to share an overview of the private lending company. On the All About Real Estate segment, Deckelbaum sits down with host Carol Morgan to discuss how services offered by SRP Lending benefit home builders and ways for investors to get involved.

Local to Atlanta for almost 30 years and counting, Deckelbaum has worked in the real estate industry his entire life and has several years of experience in banking. Deckelbaum transitioned to private lending after the challenging times of the Great Recession and has never looked back!

Deckelbaum and his business partner Mike Ray founded SRP Lending in 2020, intending to provide financial solutions to real estate investors, builders and developers to help turn their dreams into a reality. Three years later, SRP Lending is a thriving company with new investors, established builders and everyone in between as their typical borrowers.

As a local company, SRP Lending offers direct contact and immediate support from its small team to builders and real estate investors to help effectively grow companies. The SRP Lending business model allows its borrowers to communicate more with the company’s decision-makers and owners.

Deckelbaum said, “We’re nimble, reactive and responsive! We can custom tailor every transaction to the borrower’s needs.”

Unlike corporate financial institutions, SRP Lending delivers opportunities for clients to acquire land, lots and projects at a much quicker pace, closing in just a matter of days and giving borrowers an advantage for a competitive offer.

Both Deckelbaum and his business partner have several years of real estate experience that also extends the residential realm. The duo offers impressive industry knowledge in addition to the lending aspect of the company while also understanding the importance of target identification and properly moving through the stages of planning, zoning and permitting.

Deckelbaum said, “We are more than just a lender. We also serve as a consultant and partner to our clients to make sure they are on the right path!”

Within a day or two of receiving an inquiry, the SRP Lending team will walk a project in order to fully understand the client’s vision. After touring the site and gaining information on plans and budgeting, Deckelbaum and his team can provide a service plan for the inquired project almost instantaneously.

Deckelbaum said, “We do what we say we are going to do!’

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