New this year, Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio recently introduced the Marketing Minute to the lineup, intended to inform listeners on the latest in social media marketing tactics and successfully using social media for business. In this week’s Marketing Minute segment, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss the most recent Twitter changes, and what they mean for business use.

Recent controversy has sparked that Twitter is becoming an irrelevant platform, but Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio’s co-hosts disagree and believe it is once again gaining traction, especially with the most recent Twitter changes.

Previously, Twitter was strict about its 140-character limitation to include URL characters and if a user wanted to include a photo, that took up a fair amount of character count depending on its size, which then limited the tweet itself and use of appropriate hashtags. Twitter after all is the platform that introduced the use of hashtags to connect similar topics to one simple search.

With the most recent change, URLs and photos no longer contribute to the overall 140-character limit, which is definitely something to celebrate according to Carol Morgan.

“There is simply no excuse to not include a photo with a tweet,” said Morgan. “Why wouldn’t you?”

The problem with Twitter is its loss of interaction. Many outlets use Twitter as a way to simply share a link to drive traffic to a specific page, but likes and retweets do not hold the same weight as they previously did. Twitter is most recently being used as a breaking news outlet and customer service tool.

Many stories first appear on Twitter versus other platforms. News anchors and journalists tend to turn to Twitter first-and-foremost to share photos, stories and new information. The sense of immediacy available through Twitter is still apparent, and the limited word count enforces that tweets only include the most important information per tweet.

One thing to keep in mind when becoming involved with breaking news stories is remaining sympathetic to sensitive situations. Know what a hashtag means before using it for business or marketing because “hashtag hijacking” can very easily turn your audience off to your business and products. This was most recently seen during the Gatlinburg fires according to Morgan.

Listen to the above episode to hear how our co-hosts have experienced Twitter as a customer service tool. To learn more about using Twitter for business, contact M770-383-3360.


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