Ranch Cottages for Rent Blossom feline pet mascot

My friend Dogwood was feeling a little isolated, so the Ranch Cottages for Rent team decided to look for another furry friend to join him. Thanks to a very efficient Cat Distribution System in Georgia, the team found me alone in some bushes outside the office. The cat is officially out of the bag! I am so excited to greet everyone and introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Blossom. I am the new feline representative of Ranch Cottages for Rent and Dogwood’s newest pal. Looking for the purr-fect perspective on life at The Cottages? I’m here to make finding your next home a treat! My official role as pet mascot allows me to assist residents in navigating the home selection process and welcome them to their new homes.

Have you ever heard of a cat named after a flower? Well, that’s me, Blossom! My human friends at Jim Chapman Construction Group found me nestled in a bush bursting with blooms, and the name just stuck. Now, I’m excited to be part of the Ranch Cottages for Rent family! My days are filled with birdwatching sessions from my cozy window perch and epic fetch battles with my green mouse toy.

My owners love the scratch-resistant flooring and spacious floor plans because they give me room to run and play without leaving a mark. I also love that every Ranch Cottage for Rent home has big windows for sunbathing and watching Dogwood on his daily walks.

Although I haven’t lived at The Cottages for long, several community features already have my attention. The five spacious floor plans are ideal for long hours of play and easy to accessorize with cat towers, scratching posts, and more. From flexible indoor spaces to private patios for birdwatching, The Cottages is the best place for you and your furry friends to start a new life.

Well, I’ve got to go for now, but I will return soon to talk more. I look forward to telling you about The Cottages and nearby pet-friendly spots that are the cat’s paw-jamas! Don’t tell my human friends, but I also know the best places to hide toys in the walk-in closet. I’ll show you too if you can keep a secret. Stop by and say hello sometime with your favorite cat toy!

Your new life at The Cottages is just a whiskers-length away, so what are you waiting for? Visit www.RanchCottagesForRent.com to discover leasing opportunities near you.

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