NterNow self service access for new homes

NterNow on demand access to homesAs home builders concerned with COVID-19 (coronavirus) started looking for ways to provide home buyers with social distancing options, technology company NterNow emerged as a solution. NterNow is an on-demand access service that allows homes to remain locked, while providing home shoppers with self service via a unique or one-time entry code to tour homes upon verifying their identity.

“With home builders sending shoppers to their websites, it is important to give bored-at-home internet home shoppers the confidence they need to get out and visit available opportunities,” NterNow President and Founder Lynne Davis said. “Now is the time to help buyers feel safe and invite them to tour homes independently and unassisted. Visitors can practice social distancing and still tour homes with NterNow’s technology.”

Greentech Builders of Chattanooga, Tennessee reached out to NterNow to help them during this time of social distancing.  According to the builder’s Director of Marketing Shawn Summey, as of Thursday, March 19, 2020, they were shutting down their model homes and corporate office as a safety precaution, but he had a plan to use NterNow technology in response to coronavirus.

Summey sent emails to prospects and Realtors in the builder’s database about its Greentech Virtual Tour. Then, they sent a Realtor-specific email highlighting the ease of “Instant Access.” Within 12 hours, the campaign resulted in a 21% open rate and a 2.9 click rate to download the NterNow app. Greentech also did a huge social media push featuring live videos and virtual tours of the properties, along with a targeted Facebook ad.

The targeted NterNow promotion paid off. The weekend of March 21 and 22, 2020, Greentech offered NterNow tours to 16 new clients who took 30 tours and best of all, one home sold.

“That’s a great weekend,” Davis said. “Especially with so many people social distancing and staying in place.”

NterNow is positioned to help home builders through the coronavirus crisis. For more information on providing your buyers with self service access to homes, call 678-910-1811 or visit www.NterNow.com.


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