Bennett Hutt VP of Sales

Bennett Hutt Joins NterNow as Vice President of Sales

Real Estate technology company NterNow is pleased to announce Bennett Hutt as Vice President of Sales. In this capacity Hutt is responsible for sales leadership, strategic business growth, sales and go-to-market strategy. NterNow is an on-demand access service that allows homes to remain locked, while allowing home shoppers to self-tour homes independently, at their convenience, and at their own pace. “We[...]

NterNow self-service home tour

NterNow Offers Solutions for Covering New Home Sales Centers

NterNow, the industry’s leading self-touring service, offers solutions for sales center staffing. Whether it’s to cover time off for COVID-19 or other illnesses, Christmas holidays or vacations, NterNow is there to provide coverage to builders’ sales teams, providing home shoppers one-time-use unlocking codes for safe and independent touring of locked homes at their convenience 365 days a year. “Covering model homes[...]

self-touring service

NterNow Self-Touring Service Adds Features Designed to Streamline Sales  

NterNow, the industry’s leading self-touring service, announces an abundance of new dashboard tools and apps for its home builder and real estate clients. Improvements include adjustable tour hours, cell number verification, surveys and more. “With more and more home shoppers looking at homes unassisted, these tools give new home agents helpful relationship-building information and give new home buyers more flexibility in[...]

NterNow Nacademy Award Winners

NterNow Announces Inaugural Nacademy Award Winners

NterNow launched its first-ever “Nacademy Awards” in June. Realtors and homebuilders were invited to submit videos that entertained or informed viewers about NterNow’s on-demand access system in video form. After all the videos were submitted, a panel of volunteer judges voted for their favorites in a variety of different categories. “Congratulations to all of our winners in the first-ever NterNow Nacademy[...]

NterNow Nacademy Awards

Break Out Your Cameras! Enter the Inaugural NterNow Nacademy Awards

NterNow is officially inviting you to be a part of the first-ever Nacademy Awards! READY for some fun? NterNow is accepting exciting, entertaining, helpful or insightful videos from anyone in the real estate and homebuilding industry, phone-users, video editors or video creators who wish to participate AIM to delight your viewers with the funniest, most informative or most genuine information about NterNow SHOOT[...]

Lynee Davis NterNow and Chris Hartley

NterNow Talks Best Practices on Special Radio Episode

CEO and Founder of NterNow, Lynne Davis, and Chris Hartley, 40 under 40 Professional Builder Magazine, are in studio for this special edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. Joined by co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick, the group discusses best practices and everything NterNow on this special All About Real Estate segment of Radio. Davis was a residential Realtor for[...]

NterNow selfservice home access Fuels Home Builder Sales

NterNow Fuels Home Builder Sales Success

NterNow, a patented on-demand access service for locked vacant new homes, is pleased to help home builders experience successful sales during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis. An NterNow home builder client in California is experiencing a 7.2% conversion rate for NterNow home tours to contracts. Additionally, the builder has been successful with their direct sales approach with NterNow, seeing solo, no-co-brokerage[...]

NterNow On-Demand Home Access

NterNow Thrives During COVID-19 Outbreak

Lynne Davis, founder and CEO of NterNow is in studio for today’s episode of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. Joined by co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick, the group discusses the success NterNow has experienced during the coronavirus crisis. Davis' patented on-demand home access system has helped several companies and individuals in the building industry continue to gather leads and[...]

NterNow on-demand access

NterNow Launches New Dashboard and Apps  

NterNow launches new dashboard and apps for its home builder clients. NterNow is a patented on-demand access service for locked vacant properties. The dashboard sports a new modern look, as well as additional functionality that allows onsite salespeople to have more control over the dashboard. For instance, builders can now add multiple employees and control who is working to manage leads[...]

NterNow self service access for new homes

NterNow Provides Solutions for Home Builders During COVID-19

As home builders concerned with COVID-19 (coronavirus) started looking for ways to provide home buyers with social distancing options, technology company NterNow emerged as a solution. NterNow is an on-demand access service that allows homes to remain locked, while providing home shoppers with self service via a unique or one-time entry code to tour homes upon verifying their identity. “With home[...]