NterNow selfservice home access Fuels Home Builder Sales

NterNow, a patented on-demand access service for locked vacant new homes, is pleased to help home builders experience successful sales during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis. An NterNow home builder client in California is experiencing a 7.2% conversion rate for NterNow home tours to contracts. Additionally, the builder has been successful with their direct sales approach with NterNow, seeing solo, no-co-brokerage sales reach 80% of all sales.

“Our California builder is in a highly competitive market and they have been so successful that they prefer to remain anonymous,” NterNow President and Founder Lynne Davis said. “Their success shows that home buyers will shop unassisted when self-service technology is available to provide them with independent home touring.”

Using NterNow, the California builder has closed 29 homes and collected 405 leads in five months. This represents a 7.2% conversion to contracts. With only nine locks installed, each home has garnered an average of nine to 10 leads each month. In addition, homes are going under contract quickly.

Another metric of interest is the time from NterNow lock installation to the purchase date of the home. This metric is getting shorter over time! There were only 32 days from the time the lock was installed in January, to the day of purchase. This dropped to 10.4 days in February and 3.7 days in March.

“We are so excited about the success of the NterNow system and the results it has provided us!” states the anonymous California home builder.

Here are the California builder’s Collected Sales-from-Leads Breakdown and Conversion Ratio over 5 months with NterNow:

NterNow Collected Sales from Leads Breakdown and Conversion Ratio

Not all leads close immediately, so the California builder shows the fruits of ongoing follow-ups.  At the end of five months, leads collected in November resulted in a 13% conversion rate to leads. After three months, January leads resulted in a 9% conversion rate to leads, while February saw a 6% sales rate after just one month and March saw a 4% sales rate within the same month. These numbers don’t include the five reservations they received. With reservations included, the lead conversion to sales becomes 13% for November, 8% for December, 9% for January, 8% for February and 5% for March!

“We challenge you to compare your number of showings, leads and conversion results over the same period against these NterNow production numbers. You’ll see NterNow is a gold medal winner!” exclaims Davis.

With home builders concerned about providing home buyers a safe way to shop while social distancing, NterNow has become a solution that both home builders and homebuyers can agree on. NterNow is positioned to help home builders through the coronavirus crisis and beyond. For more information, call 678-910-1811 or visit www.NterNow.com.

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