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If there is no such thing as a crystal ball, we can try to make up for that with data. John Hunt, owner of MarketNSight and ViaSearch joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick on today’s segment of All About Real Estate on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to share his findings and how trends impact home builders in the city.

Hunt has an established record of using data to advise builders, developers and realtors on whether and when they should build. He works in 11 southeastern markets in order to help his clients understand trends and when building conditions are ripe or rotten. In fact, his work predicted the housing downturn.

His event, MarketWatch Atlanta, is on June 9 at the Cobb Galleria beginning at 9:30 a.m. At this event, one issue on the table is the coveted Millennial market. Hunt said while some in this group are beginning to buy homes, we must treat this group differently, because they are different. They aren’t buying homes for plenty of reasons, like student debt and lacking a down payment. But they also are reluctant to buy having perhaps watched parents struggle with housing debt. Additionally, this demographic enjoys living in urban areas, and the lifestyle of a thriving city. While their parents may have seen buying a home as an investment, Millennials tend to view it as an expense.

MarketWatch events began in 2006, Hunt says, “right before the down turn” thanks to several sponsors. Atlanta New Homes Directory, Berkshire Hathaway and Jackson EMC have been with him since the beginning, and through their support MarketWatch is free for anyone invested in building and development.

Listen to today’s segment to learn more about where Hunt sees the market heading, and register for MarketWatch Atlanta by visiting MarketNSight or ViaSearch.


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