Mark Schlosser with Landis

Head of Sales Mark Schlosser with Landis joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to talk about the market’s impact on the company, its partnership with agents and brokers, as well as the questionable reputation of the traditional rent-to-own process. Schlosser joins host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate segment.

A father of two beautiful babies, Schlosser loves to spend time with his children and always puts his family first. After working six years in cybersecurity for various industries and companies, Schlosser joined Landis as Head of Sales. He leads a team that operates markets with brokerages and agents to ensure partners are set up for success while working with Landis.

Landis is a homeownership company that transitions renters into homeowners. The company provides programs to clients, ranging from one to two years, that offer coaching and mortgage preparation after purchasing a home from Landis. The design of these programs prepares clients for the responsibility of homeownership.

Landis partners with agents who receive full MLS commission to help convert their clients into homeowners through its program. The homeownership company empowers its agents and partners with technology, such as a complete CRM and a Landis U system full of courses and curriculum to make agents and partners as autonomous as possible. Landis also has feet on the ground to incorporate human touch.

Schlosser said, “For our agents and partners, it’s not just about the commission aspect. It’s about so much more. It’s about creating a great experience.”

Preferring the phrase “homeownership company” over “rent-to-own,” Landis is a modern-day twist on the traditional concept. The main difference is the company process is truly aligned to foster homeownership. The company’s criteria, financial coaching and taking clients within its program seriously are just a few reasons why 80% of its clients transition to homeownership.

Schlosser said, “We have investors such as NAR, Sequoia, Will Smith and Jay-Z.”

With his cybersecurity background, Schlosser believes the technology aspect within the real estate industry has much room for improvement. While human touch will always be necessary for the industry, there are several ways to accelerate areas in enhancing standards, guidelines and technologies.

Schlosser said, “The one thing I absolutely know about the real estate industry is it can and should be disrupted.”

The uncertainty surrounding today’s market has lined Landis and its clients up for short- and long-term success. With thoughts of “I don’t know” floating within the market, the program available through Landis provides its clients with predictability. Landis also provides clients with all-cash offers, making offers more attractive to sellers.

Recently, Landis announced its Series B funding of $40 million from investors such as GV, NAR, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation fund Arrive, Sequoia and more! The company will use the additional funding to grow its team, improve its program and add new markets. Providing support and coaching to clients, $2 million of the fund will be exclusively for the advancement of the company’s program to help its clients become homeowners.

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