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The Interior Partners, an Atlanta design firm that specializes in model home merchandising, has brought the emotional, beautiful design elements to several of the model homes that are frequently showcased on Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV. Their work is truly phenomenal and to discuss home design trends, ABNH host, Susie Proffitt, sat down with Cindi MacPherson, partner at The Interior Partners, to take a look at what we will see in our homes in 2018.

One huge change coming to the home design industry is a rise in gold fixtures. Whether they are light fixtures, plumbing fixtures or door handles, gold metals are coming back onto the scene. “It’s not the polished brass of the past,” says MacPherson. “It’s a brushed brass and a brushed gold and it’s soft and very elegant.” Additionally, since many people are unwilling to let go of their silver fixtures, many homes are showcasing a mixture of gold and silver fixtures.

“We all know gray has been the color of the decade, but we’re starting to see beige come back,” MacPherson says on room color trends. Not only are homes entirely changing to beige from gray, but the two are beginning to transition together, just like silver and gold fixtures. “We’re calling them ‘complementary neutrals,'” she says. However, the trend for 2018 is gradually leaning toward beige.

Specialty rooms, as well, are changing. Several years ago, Proffitt points out, home theaters were the specialty room of choice, and most recently, homeowners have gravitated toward stellar outdoor living spaces. Outdoor living is still incredibly popular and is expected to stay that way, MacPherson says, but this year, the flexible space, loft and bonus room trend is picking up more steam than ever. This is because they can be so many types of spaces: home gyms, offices, family rooms, game rooms and more. The bonus room trend also allows for families to spend more time together, instead of kids taking their electronics into their rooms and shutting their doors.

Interestingly enough, MacPherson adds, both millennials and baby boomers alike want to live in homes with open floor plans. The difference between their homes and preferences, however, is how they use those open floor plans. In this way, we see two generations whose tastes seem completely different sharing a common preference, Proffitt comments.

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