Cassy Mathis, Design Assistant with Haven Design Works, joins host Todd Schnick on this week’s All About Real Estate Edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. Cassy is a Georgia native living in Buckhead, graduated from the University of Alabama in 2009, this young lady has been with haven Design works since 2013.

Haven Design Works was founded in 2012, an interior design specializing in model home merchandising. Haven Design Works design interiors for single-family homes, townhomes, sales centers and clubhouses. The professional staff will ensure installations are efficient and on-time. Haven Design Works will work with builders to determine the goals of the project and define the prospective buyers’ demographics and desired lifestyle.

Together, they develop a budget that meets the builder’s needs based on the price range and target buyer. Then, using the latest cutting-edge design techniques and attention to detail, haven Design Works will incorporate the latest trends to be on the forefront of design turning living spaces into stylish interiors that speak to today’s lifestyle. The team of design experts works seamlessly to install the vision, from floor plans to reality in a timely and efficient manner. “We understand what a model is meant to do for a builder and we strive to make communities successful.”

Some of the 2016 trends are introducing natural elements, stunning metals and really clean tones. Cassy says they try to bring these new design trends to their customers by introducing wood, mixing metals and cleaning up the color pallets. Looking ahead to ensure that their work is timeless is to always try and stay ahead of the trend. By communicating with paint companies, introducing trends in a subtle sophisticated way, this makes it not overly trendy and timeless.

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