You’ve heard a lot recently about the word “green.” Green is good for the environment! Build green homes, drive green cars, use green energy bulbs…

You may argue that the word “green” has been long overused and you are sick of hearing all the fuss! What if I told you that green meant more than saving the environment? What if I said it could actually increase your work productivity, reduce your stress and lessen the number and the intensity of headaches you get?!

If I were you I’d listen. I can’t think of one person (other than, maybe, my friends’ children under the age of 10 during the summer months) who is simply sitting around bored, looking for things that will kill time and never getting any headaches from stress or family issues.

A study done by Roger Ulrich, PhD., a professor of architecture and landscape architecture at Texas A&M University, has shown that, following surgery, patients recover faster and require less pain medication if they are able to view trees, as opposed to a brick wall, outside their window.

The concept of the inclusion of nature within architecture has become quite popular. It is known as Biophilic Design, and it makes so much sense when you think it through. We come from natural environments, and we still thrive within them.

However, not all environments allow for a large window or a tree growing through the ground. The concept of Biophilic Design actually goes far beyond such things. Consider an office in the center of a tight building with no windows, fluorescent lighting and drab walls, it would be quite easy to get constant headaches from stress. You could improve your mood and your health by bringing nature into this space by adding a color such as PPG Porter Paint’s “Olive Sprig 410-4.” You can also use furniture with true wood grain showing through. You are sure to feel at one with nature when you hang your coat up on a rack made entirely of vines! Next, add a house plant or pictures of natural settings. You’ll be amazed how much a little bit of nature can make you feel more comfortable.

If you’re looking to bring some green into your home or for more design ideas, visit the PPG Porter Paints website. For more on Atlanta real estate design trends, be sure to check out our site.

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