Fibo Wall Panels

Form and function go well together with Fibo Wall Panels, which provide beautiful high-end design solutions that are maintenance free. With a variety of design styles, Fibo Wall Panels are grout-free wall panels that complement the top interior design styles. These panels are so easy to clean that warm water and a clean cloth, or a non-abrasive detergent, is all that is required! This makes them a perfect solution for commercial and residential applications.

Fibo Wall Panels Provide High-End Style SolutionsFibo Wall Panels are now available in the United States through a partnership between Innovate Building Solutions and FiboUSA. Builders, developers, designers, architects, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) can solve tough wet-room challenges in bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, kitchens and more with Fibo Wall Panels.

“Fibo Wall Panels work perfectly with popular interior design styles including modern farmhouse, coastal, traditional, Scandinavian, industrial, modern, Zen-inspired mid-century modern, shabby chic and minimalist,” Innovate Building Solutions President Mike Foti said.

Modern Farmhouse

Thanks to Joanna Gaines, host of HGTV’s hit remodeling show “Fixer Upper,” and owner of the Magnolia Market, this style is everywhere. A warm and inviting interior trend, modern farmhouse designs are approachable and give a rustic warm feeling. Recently an antique gray pattern Fibo Wall Panel with a weathered look was introduced, offering a solution that fits like a glove.


A cool glass green or sky blue Fibo Wall Panel is the perfect solution for a classy coastal design. The green/blue is a reflection on the water, sand, sea and sky that brings back memories of that last beach vacation, and of the sand between your toes.


Capturing a historic or traditional look with grout-free wall panels used to be impossible, but faux granite and textured slate Fibo Wall Panels allow that “old” look to beFibo Wall Panels Provide High-End Style Solutions captured without the maintenance concerns associated with grout and tile.


Scandi design is a mix of utility, simplicity and beauty. Light woods and bright whites combine to capture the Scandi-chic design style. Several Scandi-inspired Fibo Wall Panel options are available including a white glossy wall panel, which is smooth, fresh and simple to clean, or a wood-look Marina Gray Oak panel. Available in 2’ x 8’ sections, they are easy to install, and you can relax in your new Scandi-styled bathroom and skip the trip to your local IKEA store!


Reflecting on the great industrial revolution and all the adaptive reuse of industrial mills and warehouses into loft-style condos and live, work, play developments, Fibo Wall Panels offer cracked cement bathroom wall panels. They provide a way to marry exposed brick, faux-concrete wall panels, open ceilings and old wood floors with a beautiful solution that is simple and easy to clean.


Not only is modern art clean and simple, but it’s dramatic. Sky blue Fibo Wall Panels are the perfect and simple solution for a modern bathroom. The blue color provides just the right pop in contrast with the pale gray and brilliant white and all the clean lines and geometric shapes.

Fibo Wall Panels Provide High-End Style SolutionsZen-inspired Mid-Century Modern

If you are craving relaxation and peace, then a Zen-inspired, spa-like bath is just the answer. Popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, this interior design style embraces nature and natural elements such as stone, wood and water. Beautiful 3D textured Fibo Wall Panels provide options such as slate and rough wood.  Natural, easy-to-clean and no grout joints to disturb the feel of your connection to nature.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a comfortable design style which combines weathered vintage furniture pieces with calming colors such as beige, off-white or light grey. Recent advances in laminate technologies make achieving this weathered look possible through a process called Embossed In Register. Fibo Wall Panels come in a weathered wood-look, perfect for helping designers achieve a vintage look with zero maintenance.


In our nonstop got to get it done, technology overloaded world, it is nice to step back and enjoy a mental break from the clutter. Fibo Wall Panels offer solutions to meet this need from simple white panels to soft greys. Combine the clean lines of Fibo with concealed storage and it’s a minimalist’s dream come true with low-maintenance products!

High-end design does not have to mean a high-maintenance bathroom, shower or kitchen. Today’s homeowner can enjoy a fashionable bathroom without having to scrub tile.

Fibo Wall Panels come in a wide variety of fun designs, textures, colors and patterns.  Best of all, they are stylish, cost-effective and maintenance free!

FiboUSA is exhibiting at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Find them at Booth SU3635.

Innovate Building Solutions is a nationwide stocking distributor and installer of Fibo panels. They have specialists to assist homeowners, contractors, architects and designers with bathroom products. For more information on Fibo panels, visit Innovate Building Solutions at

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